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Joke's on Activision, the casual gamers are ignorant enough of the gaming world to buy this game at an overpriced price tag, but they're not ignorant full-stop to pay a monthly tithe just to keep on playing it.

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Haven't seen it yet, but something I've noticed lately is the heightened quality of movies that Leonardo seems to be going for. Of note is "The Departed", an excellent movie.

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My 360 has had disc read errors for nine months now, I feel like it's almost second nature for me these days to simply wait for a game to read by browsing the internet whenever my 360 has only just been turned on. 
But the fact remains, I hate having to eject my disc and put it back in over and over until it reads. 
This new xbox model S might be just the ticket. 
Side Note: And if you're wondering why I didn't replace it ages ago, I didn't have as mush money coming in as I do now. 
Man I fucking love promotions!

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I still worry about what sort of people this game'll attract.
ie: "Take your clothes OFF Milo! And show me your wee-wee!"
I still laugh at that old ass joke to this date, but it's really creepy either way...

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Spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate indeed!

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I think I've just figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Here goes: 
I feel like the DA: O storyline will continue. 
As a  small example, Dragon Age: Origin's, Awakening. Then the sequel to the first game will be: Dragon Age: Rising (or something less cheesy than that). 
Now my theory is that Dragon Age 2 will in fact have a subtitle like the first story line. 
Dragon Age 2: Hidden shadows(or something much better).
Essentially we may have two different story line games running side by side. 
And later on there may be a third DA story line. Or a story line that meets the two in the middle... 
Second thoughts, while I think this would be fucking awesome! And while Bioware have a standard for making truly excellent games, not even they have the man power to do this sort of wacky, bat-shit-crazy, sort of idea. 
*Raises glass* Here's to hoping!

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I'm actually looking forward to standing up to play some video games, without crappy Wii graphics and shitty gameplay. 
I just have to be careful since 360 is in my bedroom, which means that if I have to jump for something in the game, naturally everything in my room will shake, (no I'm not fat! lol) and I'd be scared of accidentally causing my discs to scratch while I play.

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I've played Dragon Age: Origins and all it's DLC plus it's expansion pack too. 
I've just bought this game and all the same stuff again for the xbox 360, as well as that new DLC too; "Leliana's Song", and as I was typing in the Giantbomb web address, I thought: "Hmm, I wonder when DA 2 will be coming out? I can't wait to see where the story goes next." 
Man! I loved the feeling I got when I saw this interesting news at the top of the page. 
Although, how do you guys feel about this new approach to story and the fact that the overall character choice is now limited to race and gender, without the extra origin story to go with the character? 

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The massive humongous army that this legislation would create would be overwelming. 
But personally, I think I'd go fucking ballistic! 
This's one, of many, of my main sources of relaxation and release. And I wouldn't go all cliche about it and setup an online pertition. 
No, I'd make a picket sign, collect up all the people that this legislation would affect, which would be the humongous army I mentioned, and march on downing street in my countries capitol city demanding that they do what we want, and that they give us an apology while they're on it. 
Also, as a side note, I'd demand free deoderant for life for some of the more cliche gamers out there. That's ok though, I sometimes forget about my own hygiene when I'm really enjoying a game. Ha ha!

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Good review. I have to admit I've started doing a lot of research on the OnLive service and it's all coming back looking quite good. 
Maybe once the UK test station in Wales, UK is open to the public I'll try it out. 
I just want them to keep that 1-year free membership offer open to other countries around the world and not just unfairly in the US only.