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300 rise of an empire. 0/3

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mount and blade 2 bannerlord. i mean im sure tonnes of great games will come out next year, but i'd also bet none of them will get as much of my time as bannerlord

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corsair vengance 2100. yet another wireless 7.1 thing. battery lasts for like 9 or 10 hours off a full charge. and the mike mutes when you flip it up. i dont really know how it compares to other similar priced headsets but i really love it.

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well, without the ability to allow multiple people to play different games from the same library at the same time. This is not really going to be some big advance for me. i"d like to be able to let my friends and family access my games library, that sounds great. But if that means i cant my own games at the same time that's going to result in me having to ask my friends and family to stop playing alot. that doesn't sound like fun.

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double edged sword here, i don't want nintendo to fail as hardware manufacturer. But flip side i would fucking love to be able to play smash bros on pc. so i dont know man. whatever happens happens i guess.

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Awesome news. As though i needed any more reasons to be excited to see the rift launch.

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To quote Kyle from South Park. "Tolken, I get it! I dont get it!."

This subject matter is just beyond me. How in the hell should i know how a little girl seeing women being put in distress will interpret that in relation to her place in the world? Being neither 12 nor a girl I think my opinion on such matters kind of, doesn't matter.

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cheesecake. yes it exsists.

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I'm incapable of expressing how sad this is. My condolences to the rest of the crew, and twice that to his wife. Ryan, You'll be remembered fondly RIP.

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So, it seems I think I know enough to critique other peoples hard work. Do I? Who knows for sure, but that doesn't mean I won't do it anyways. If you've got the time check out my review of Grid 2 the latest of Code Masters racers. Hosted exclusively on a tiny ass forum built by a friend of mine!

Seriously, feedback would be appreciated. Negative or otherwise.