Olympics, points and jobless.

China Rules

 You heard it here first, screw all the politics, pollution and what not. China really knows how to put on a show. I watched the beginning of the opening ceremony and then left the house for the teams parading into the stadium.  When I came back I was in time for China entering the stadium and the whole speeches and lighting of the flame. Wow. I was speechless and don't have a clue how London will be able to top that lighting in 2012.


I've 950 points. Granted I've been busy lately and haven't had time to submit anything but hopefully that will change in the coming days. Other than that the site is running brilliantly for me now and I've the Bombcast to look forward to each Tuesday now!


 I really need a job.
No one is hiring and wont be for another few weeks before they are again.. *sigh*

iPod Movies Most played: The Dark Knight 12! Oh yeah :D