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They will both co-exist, their aim is both to out do each other. It's really neck and neck and they have both got their uniqueness.
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Navarre said:
"I'm still confused about who else is calling themselves Navarre out there on the interwebz. If I was calling myself Solid_Snake or something but Navarre? Who else would come up with that?"
It's a conspiracy. My name is original enough and I've only seen one other person with it but convinced him to swap accounts with me on that site we were the same on!

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So tough but it has to be Cake
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I'd say it's a sandwich as it's something between two pieces of bread, although I think it's confusing as it's warm and a warm sandwich is really a toastie isn't it?
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It's great apart from those who actually use numbers, just wait though and soon we'll be seeing 0-9 in ever possible combination...