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My first PC shooter. I loved how open the missions/maps were and replayed the hell out of this game. It had a "roster" similar to XCOM where if a squad mate died on a mission then they were gone for the rest of the campaign and you'd have to recruit a new (inexperienced) one.

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I feel like I'm the only one who ever played Brave Fencer Musashi. It's never mentioned

You definitely aren't the only one. It's surely one of my all-time favorites! And it deserves more love than it gets.

I'm gonna go ahead and throw Cold Winter into this thread. I bought it used at Blockbuster for like $7 years and years ago, not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted a new FPS to play, and this game very fit that very broad requirement. As it turned out, it was FUCKING AMAZING. I couldn't believe how much I loved this game. Console FPS's from this generation were largely hit or miss, mostly miss. There were plenty of exceptions, however, and Cold Winter handily lands itself in the upper tier among, let's say, the top 5 console shooters of this era.

It didn't exactly do anything new, but what it did, it did VERY well. The gunplay felt so damn solid and impactful, thanks to a combination of awesome sound effects, ragdoll physics, and disgusting Solider of Fortune-levels of gore. The story wasn't anything outstanding in and of itself, but the way it was told was well above average for games of that day, made even better by some pretty good voice acting and big moments. The protagonist, Andrew Sterling, is undoubtedly a badass. The structure of the game was linear and level-based, taking some cues from No One Lives Forever in its delivery of objectives and encouragement of exploration to find documents that fleshed out the story. It also had a simple crafting system, where you would use random objects like alarm clocks, bottles, hairpins, and other shit to make makeshift explosives, lock-picks, etc. The Last of Us' crafting system is nearly identical. It had online MP that was pretty neat, but I didn't play it until the tail-end of its existence.

It's too bad no one played this awesome game. I think there was originally a sequel in development, but it sadly got canned. I would still highly recommend this game anyone looking for good old shooters, though.

Aye, I enjoyed it quite a bit too at the time. Not as good as Urban Chaos: Riot Response though!

+1 for Cold Winter. I used to love messing around in multiplayer against the bots with explosives. I can't remember the name of the map but there was a middle east one where you could get on the roofs and the AI patterns were super predictable; I'd drop as many explosives as I could on the stairs leading up to them and would see how fast/high I could launch the bots into the sky. Good times back in the day.

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Thank you all for the suggestions!

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So I've been on a hiatus from racing games for practically a decade now and I'm looking to get back into them; however, I don't know where to start. The last racing games that I played and remember enjoying were Gran Turismo 4 and Leadfoot: Stadium Off-Road Racing. Something in the same vein of those 2 games would be great, i.e. car customization, cars that actually feel and drive like cars, sim-like but not too sim-like, and various types of racing (rally, track, supercar, etc.). If it helps narrow it down, I tried out the GRID 2 demo and was immediately put off of it by how arcade-like the driving felt.

Thanks, duders!

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Voted both, but if I had to pick one or the other it'd be narrative > mechanics.

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Norton Shores, MI, USA

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@sweep: That video is from VICE News, a newer division that is its own entity within VICE. I would say there is very little sensationalism coming from them as opposed to stuff coming from VICE itself. Take for example the "Russian Roulette" series by Simon Ostrovsky:

Not that I don't agree that stuff coming from VICE is often sensationalized, but I feel that the disdain is somewhat misplaced in this case :)

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Played for 3 hours tonight and crashed 3 times. Patch didn't fix shit.

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Very happy with all of the Logitech mice I've owned. I have ~6 year old MX518 that still works like a champ and I'm currently using a g500 (which is what I'd recommend). They're very comfortable for those who utilize a claw/fingertip grip.

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33, all of which in an Anti-Air vehicle. I can't specifically recall the map, it was either Firestorm/Caspian/Kharg.

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Nope. Never had to drop a class to avoid failing either.