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Thank you all for the suggestions!

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So I've been on a hiatus from racing games for practically a decade now and I'm looking to get back into them; however, I don't know where to start. The last racing games that I played and remember enjoying were Gran Turismo 4 and Leadfoot: Stadium Off-Road Racing. Something in the same vein of those 2 games would be great, i.e. car customization, cars that actually feel and drive like cars, sim-like but not too sim-like, and various types of racing (rally, track, supercar, etc.). If it helps narrow it down, I tried out the GRID 2 demo and was immediately put off of it by how arcade-like the driving felt.

Thanks, duders!

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Voted both, but if I had to pick one or the other it'd be narrative > mechanics.

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Norton Shores, MI, USA

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@sweep: That video is from VICE News, a newer division that is its own entity within VICE. I would say there is very little sensationalism coming from them as opposed to stuff coming from VICE itself. Take for example the "Russian Roulette" series by Simon Ostrovsky:

Not that I don't agree that stuff coming from VICE is often sensationalized, but I feel that the disdain is somewhat misplaced in this case :)

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Played for 3 hours tonight and crashed 3 times. Patch didn't fix shit.

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Very happy with all of the Logitech mice I've owned. I have ~6 year old MX518 that still works like a champ and I'm currently using a g500 (which is what I'd recommend). They're very comfortable for those who utilize a claw/fingertip grip.

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33, all of which in an Anti-Air vehicle. I can't specifically recall the map, it was either Firestorm/Caspian/Kharg.

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Nope. Never had to drop a class to avoid failing either.

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The Witcher/The Witcher 2 and the original Crysis.