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lol, sorry I actually didnt mean to post this to the forums, it's under my achievements tab. the name is  

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Go check it out :] and add me..I need friends

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the best part is it still hasnt been changed. 
I's be goods at spellin
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@sora_thekey said:
"Last week my PSP died! (RIP)...
and since I really want to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, which is going to be released next month I am going to buy a new one, but I don't know if the best idea is to buy another PSP or a PSPgo...  I know the PSPgo has Bluetooth but besides that and the fact that it does not need a UMD to play a game I don't see much of a difference, so I don't know which to buy! Which do you recommend?"

oh yea btw KHBBS isn't even being released on psn. So the Go isn't getting the game
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@mosespippy said:
"Since I don't have a phone right now I'm certainly interested. I have a PSP-1001 and I am starting to dislike the screen. After all these years (it was almost a launch purchase) there are tiny little scratches and the plastic collects grease really fast. My R button is chipped too. What features would I want? A second analogue stick of course. Better PS3 connectivity. I'd like to be able to use my phone to turn on my PS3 to check the store so I can buy stuff and start the download so that it is ready for when I get home. "

the screen is really bad :[
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yea it is probably google's ofw.. 
and I've been wanting an upgrade. And I'd like a nicer newer fone. So if they get some great exclusives I'll get extremely interested in this
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@angelkanarias said:
"tactile (but with physical controls also) and cool graphics, that's all I need. I'd also fancy 3D but I guess that's too much. "

Yea I'd like more of an uprade on this model than just another remodel like the 2000 3000. 
I'm still using my PSP 1000. I have CFW for all the amazing homebrew/Emulators, but I'd love a reason to go back to Sony's ofw again :]. and this is a sure way i would
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I'm sure some of you saw the article on kotaku the other day. 
Would you want a PSP Phone?  
And what features have to be on one?
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If you're using windows it's pretty easy. Plug up your ipod. Look at the files that are on the ipod. You have to go into settings to make hidden files appear. The music is all inside of different random files. copy and paste them into a folder. Then make itunes search for music in that folder. 
OR use copytrans. I believe you can make a backup of all your files on your ipod. 
And if all else fails look on Youtube for a walkthrough :] hope i could help
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doesnt it also have that flying squirell in this one too?