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@Jasko45 said:
" I'll no doubt buy another 360 just for Gears 3 next year. "
Doesn't that just suck?  Never before has it been so commonplace to say "I'm picking up another console".
My first was stolen, second RROD, and I bought an Elite for a bigger HDD.   So 3 from me.
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@I_smell:  Gameplay programmer.  I work on online components like dedicated servers but have also done gameplay like the Centaur vehicle in Gears2.   When I'm not directly working on the game, I implement features to keep our UE3 engine competitive.
Been with Epic for a while now, helped with UT3 on forward.
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@RsistncE:   Well I hope we win you back with the next one.  Have you played since TU6?  Or was it the campaign that lost you?
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@RsistncE: Thanks for the vote of confidence :)  
I play games just like everyone else.  I love this site and the unique way of presenting game news.  The wiki is awesome, the quest stuff is awesome.  Why wouldn't a dev hang out here?  Of course I hang out at our forums as well, but its good to get out.  You can't say we aren't well rounded :)
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@AlisterCat said:
" Forgive me if I have a hard time believing a supposed developer posting on a forum other than the official forum for that game... the internet does not instil a good sense of trust. "
I guess thats true... of course my profile might  indicate otherwise.  Associate this gamertag with the one over at Epic forums if you'd like.  Of course I could just be spoofing that guy :)   
The GCON guys could probably vouch for me.  We've done the "game with devs" thing several times already.
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@Afroman269 said:
" @crzyhomer: I agree. I imagine it must be a nightmare to cater to everyone's tastes. I'll admit that the shotgun had it's advantages in Gears 1 over Gears 2 but it was necessary to change things up to prevent the next game from just having the "let's all meet up in the middle of the map and roll around with shotties". Unfortunately Gears 2 sorta turned into that too but not as bad I guess. As long as I don't have to worry about bad host issues such as bad lag and super shotguns, I'll be a happy camper.  "
We've made a bunch of improvements to the shotgun over the TUs, including the ability for a shotgun tie in which both parties are gibbed.  Even still the internet is a wild place and people always come up with creative ways to exploit and/or surprise us.  I'm decent in the play labs at work, but if I step online I get owned by the folks with more time (and skill) than I have.
It's always about balance and we have some great guys that dream in shotgun patterns and damage values.
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@Afroman269 said:
" Well in that case I can say that I am really stoked for the dedicated servers. Host advantage was such a pain throughout the Gears series. I'm looking forward to the beta and to see how the game controls. I'll have to admit that I always preferred the way Gears 1 controls felt over Gears 2. "
Of course its out of the bag now that we've been running dedicated servers to a limited degree with Gears 2 TU6.  It's a solid test of what's to come and is already paying huge dividends.
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Things like control scheme get a lot of debate and we try to be really careful when making those adjustments.  Reality is "haters gonna hate" no matter what you do, but we try to make sure that it negatively affects the fewest people possible.

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@Axxol: I see what you did there :)