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My body is ready!

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@laserbolts: Being a gamer, I obviously agree, but try to tell my professor that...

@Neferon: @MikeGosot: @Zor: @AhmadMetallic: @Dixavd: Thanks, duders.

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@SmilingPig: @Aetheldod: Thanks guys, as silly and out of place as this post has been, I'm afraid I'm about to pass a deadline here and am desperate for those 10 votes.

Appreciate the insight!

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Doing a comprehensive case analysis study about video game publishers. It's very elementary so don't mind how "inaccurate" this data might end up being. I just need an overview of my fellow GB'ers opinion on one problem, for "science" (not really):

Match each publisher/developer to the age segment you perceive it "usually" makes games for (first age that pops to your mind when you read the company's name). Each publisher can be associated with only one segment, but the same segment can have multiple publishers.

I understand this is a very biased poll with a lot of discrepancies, but please bare with me.

Activision BlizzardYoung Adults
Square Enix


EA - Children

Valve - Young Adults

Activision - Teens

UbiSoft - Children

Square Enix - Teens

Thanks in advance~

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@Jams: I actually didn't have any of the three, it was an awesome surprise to say the least~

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I guess this is what happened to mine, then :(

I loved the way she used to call me "My Thane"! Fuck you, dragon.

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Bitch, I have a lightsaber and the force, what do you think!?

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The troll is strong with this one.