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So good 0

Best PC game I have ever played. I am being honest. This game has everything you would want in a RPG. Great story, great controls, great, well, everything! This game had me playing it for years, I am still playing it! This game greatly reminds me of my childhood, maybe that is why this game keeps bringing me back. Of course, you should buy this game. This game beats Diablo, Starcraft, etc. The other Warcraft 3 game is really good also. GET IT....

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Nice 0

I got it on Christmas. When I started the campaign, I feel in love with the game! I finished the campaign, although still disappointed that the Americans fought against the Russians -_-. After the campaign, I tried the multiplayer. At first, the multiplayer was good, but campers and other common disliked parts about these games, got on my nerves. I tried sniping, I did decent, but the multiplayer is poorly made, so my K/D was 1.3. On Black Ops mine was 4.1 and on MW2 it was 1.9. I do better with...

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Oh God 0

Decent game, but I got barely any fun with this game. Of course I am spoiled by society (I played all the FIFA 10+ games, and 2010 World Cup) but this was horrible. At this time in age, I recommend you not getting this game. Back then it might have been pretty good but now it is not a decent game. I think it has a lot of countries, and the challenges they have a crazy hard. Never got that achievement. And if you didn't know, this game has 5 achievements. But yeah okay If you buy it just for the ...

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Pretty good 0

This game was greatly enjoyable for me when i got it. i loved all the gameplay, i loved everything about it! i got FIFA 12 shortly afterwards and FIFA 11 looked really bad compared to FIFA 12. but I have had plenty of good memories with this game. for example, I played a Player Manager career with might Manchester United. i got so into the game, I cried when we won. i got really emotional. i got hooked with this game. i spent hours playing it. so all together, you should really get this game, bu...

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Really good 0

This is really the best FIFA game so far. I love the new features with the EA Football Club. its really good, better graphics, and just a really good game! BUT! there are a few minor downsides. these are:1. they removed some leagues (czech republic, and some other ones)2. sometimes when aim to pass the ball to someone, it passes to a different person (i tried changing the settings)3. lastly, sometimes the EA Football Club randomly disconnects, even when i am connected to xbox LIVE.all together, ...

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