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This is pretty cool.

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Thibs fired, which intrigues me.

I'm bummed, I like Thibodeau a lot, but there's potential for a lot of movement between multiple teams.

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10 hours in and I haven't run into anything, so that's acceptable.

If it results in some good videos, then it's encouraged!

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I'm the biggest Warriors fan for the next couple of weeks.

Also, they're saying an unexpected coach firing is happening this week. Which of these coaches do you think would be the biggest surprise?

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I couldn't watch this game. I just saw the Bulls get knocked out of a game 6 a couple weeks ago. Watching the Hawks fall apart in a game 6 would've broke me.

Can't miss this game 7, though!

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Little booklet gives you a small introduction, the game gives you a good character bio. Gooddoggy summed it up ok.

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I'll watch later, since the others were really great.

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I hear Brad sing like once a year.

It's not enough.

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Triss, dammit. I was going to post a video about why she's great, but literally every result on Youtube is sex scenes. And this poll will be skewed because most people haven't heard of Yennefer if they're only familiar with the games.

Look, I get Yennefer and Geralt's relationship. They can't resist each other. I've had situations where I know I should stay away from someone repeatedly and do not, and it never ends well. Hell, when I saw Yen in that first room, I was just super excited that she was finally in the game. But she's immediately giving Geralt a hard time and putting god knows what up in his regions. Remember at the beginning of Witcher 2 when Triss and Geralt start the game on good terms? And continue to get along throughout the game? That's the kind of stability Geralt needs.


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I can't believe the Hawks just rolled over. I expected this to go 6 or 7 games. But 30 points? Jesus Christ.