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I'm excited for all of them.

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I've known about Dan for years, for better or worse. It was a great fit, I had no doubts.

Jason, too.

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I'll just walk into this expecting a new 2D Metroid as I always do.

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Everybody panic!!

Mondays aren't exactly video-heavy days. Plus early in the year, they reevaluate what they're doing, look at budgets, basically check out Vinny's recent post.

But basically, it's Monday and nothing's really coming out.

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2015 will be a great year. But take a hiatus, as I occasionally go months without digging into big games. It's good to take a break once in a while.

Spelunky, though.... that has to happen every day.

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I drive a Mustang and would've fanboyed for this news, but I really just need a Need for Speed game that reaches its potential (due to a lack of Burnout).

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Oh man, for a second I thought you were talking about a Cyberia III.

Dan would've been just as excited for that:

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I just watched that Friday the 13th Spookin' episode 2 weeks ago.

It holds up!!!!!

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2006 was when my 360 red ringed while playing Tomb Raider: Legend. It was the same week as Tool's 10,000 Days, because I recall going to Best Buy for a replacement while listening to Vicarious in my car and having chills at the time.

Playing the shiny Tomb Raider demo at my buddy's was the reason I bought my 360. I also bought Oblivion, despite knowing nothing about it. Had the moment where you walk into the open world for the first time and it was incredible. Also, Gears of War happened and that was some next-level stuff back then.

Then I ordered a DS on Black Friday because it came with New Super Mario Bros. Which, at the time, was super novel and exciting.

As a PS2 fan, this was all weird to me. But the PS3 was so expensive that I had to wait til 2007, in which my dad bought a TV and I chipped in to get the system bundled with it.

Played 10 hours of Final Fantasy XII and it was neat but I stopped. Black was absolutely incredible. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter was a huge online game that year. I really liked Prey and got 1,000 achievements in it. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon had a story mode where you uppercutted dozens of dudes into a giant ceiling fan. Guitar Hero II was kind of nuts.

Sonic the Hedgehog!

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@demoskinos: And the Kid Chameleon run by peaches. That's a huge, sprawling game with a ton of options. Seeing it dissected to under a half hour blew my mind, as I played it for years as a kid and could never finish it.