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I love all of this.

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It was super jarring when he came over from GI (where things were cleaner and usually bleeped). Years of being pent up is being released, I suppose.

I swear a lot, so if I notice it then things may be a little excessive. But it's all excited and jokey so I don't mind it at all.

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The Powerbombcast (a premium podcast) got me to kind of follow wrestling this year. I'm... I don't know what I'm doing.

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@splodge said:

Awesome! Dans Insurance came through. He is going to donate everything to charity, and it is still about 350 bucks off. Huzzah!

Excellent, I will go and donate. Hopefully it still meets the goal.

Big respect for @danryckert for donating money that he could've just taken for himself. Something shitty has become a positive.

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Man, I'm so glad I live 15 minutes from Galloping Ghost. When people talk about depressing arcades, I'm just glad I have one of the best on my way home from work.

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GameBomb.ru is NO JOKE!!

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Pay attention in class.

I played Doom on my laptop between classes, but jesus christ, pay attention if you're lucky enough to be getting an education.

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No, you don't have to like everything.

I like sports, but if people talk about some other thing I'm supposed to be into I'm not gonna pretend.

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Well, just canceled my preorder. I've been going back and forth on this for a while, but it seemed like the most rational thing to do.

Why? Because I still don't know what the hell the game is. I understand the types of missions you may embark on, but I still don't know what the story structure is going to be like. Will there be a variety of narrative-driven missions that keep you going? Or will it devolve into a loot grind where you go to a place, shoot guys, and have your ghost say something about "this happened here once."

From my time with it, I didn't see any hints of Bungie at their campaign best. Meticulously designed encounters, fun set piece moments, tactical battles, and chaotic improvisation seemed to be missing or greatly diminished. I spent more time standing behind a wall and popping a stationary enemy to watch their health bar go down, whereas the only real bullet sponges in Halo were Hunters or the handful of bosses in Halo 2 (and even those would keep you on the move). Even a Scarab boss battle would give you dozens of approaches. A Devil Walker would just sort of... sit there.

I hope the reviews are super positive and that it's an adventure worth embarking on. But for now, I can wait a couple weeks to hear the consensus. Hopefully at the worst, it just feels like a solid first act in a grand story.

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My PS4 and Wii U get a ton of usage. This includes Blu rays on PS4 and Youtube on Wii U. I still have a last-gen backlog so all my systems are plugged in at various TV's.

Gamewise? Somehow my Vita is conquering all.