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When he went into the dark alternate future of what would've happened if he stayed at Gamespot, it almost makes you glad that he got fired. It really seems like a positive thing in the end.

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I was pretty excited to download Crash Team Racing and Crash 2 to play on my Vita. But apparently they're two of 19 incompatible PS1 games.

Oh well, at least I own them twice!

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What do you guys think of the first book The Last Wish? I just finished it last night in preparation for playing the games and really enjoyed most of it, several of the stories didn't really grab me like others but overall I really enjoyed it. Probably what I like most about it was the fact that they are short stories so I could read one whole story and stop.

Are the other books worth reading in the future? Won't be getting to them anytime soon.

This is a random necro, but I read The Last Wish last summer and loved it. I found the dialogue and the world super engrossing. One of these days I'll pick up the first novel.

I found an English translation of Sword of Destiny and haven't gotten to it yet.

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I'd say go with Evolution. So much community content at this point.

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Stuck Up Pup ain't got time for us normals.

Congrats to the winners!

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Server? I hardly even know her!

What am I doing.

Practicing for Vaudeville?

Whatever I did, I'm glad it resulted in this being posted.

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Server? I hardly even know her!

What am I doing.

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I think it looks pretty neat, but too difficult to quickly read.

If you need to do a double take on a logo you've instantly lost someone that won't make that effort.

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It's a great game, but I don't know how well it could sell. Looks simpler than it is, and these days "2D Tony Hawk" doesn't hold the sway it once could've.

I stopped playing because those dailies weren't good for spikes in blood pressure. But I sure did like it.