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I dunno, man. If you're worried about it and it's causing "problems" then you have millions of other options.

It's just a class project, doesn't need to be some sort of statement. I'm not offended or anything, but I'd say just do something simpler for a college course.

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Interesting stuff. I recall thinking that the ending dragged a bit because I knew what was coming but it just kept going. I'll admit, it was probably like 2am and I wanted to go to sleep so that didn't help. Thinking back, Crisis Core was a super cool game.

Asura's Wrath had a bunch of cool, gameplay related stuff at the end (I'm talking the final DLC ending). Everyone should play Asura's Wrath and get to the true ending. That is all.

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I take an hour lunch, otherwise I'll get up for coffee or the bathroom or something. I don't budget "breaks" either.

You gotta take up smoking, you'll get like 4 extra breaks a day.

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How often are they supposed to be updating with new raids?

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It's fantastic. First I was excited to play the Tifa battle music from Advent Children. But then I felt overwhelmed by songs.

Luckily, Quest mode is brilliant and smartly gets you to try all sorts of stuff. Battles against AI are fun, there's so much customization, and it just makes me hope this series continues with other franchises. Super fun stuff.

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Not looking forward to much, but I needed a year like this to catch up on stuff. The Crew is the only big game I'm planning on getting the rest of the year.

So with the money I'll save, I'll get an Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle. And I guess then I'll get on Master Chief Collection. So it works out!

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I... I can't stop, you guys.

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I don't know about a video off the top of my head. But EA Sports UFC has BY FAR the best thumbnail.

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A mention of bugs is turning into a lengthy thread.

Metal Gear's the best.

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Eh, I rarely agree with Jeff. I know that ahead of time, but I do like hearing his opinion regardless.