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@hippie_genocide: It kind of comes down to the "best player on the best team argument." Harden's keeping Houston in contention, but Curry's playing a big part in keeping the Warriors on top all season. I don't think Curry should be penalized, either. He makes his better teammates even better.

Another thing is defense. Golden State's D is tops and Curry's been improving on that side. He's up there in steals and is far more than just a scorer.

Harden? Well...


(yeah, that's last season, I know)

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Oh, and guys. Curry or Harden for MVP? I'm leaning towards Steph, especially after that clutch performance the other day.

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I hope he can keep it up. We'll see how a KD return affects his game and if they can coexist at this level. If so, we may have a similar situation to when Pippen stepped up his game to become a true partner to MJ.

I was also surprised how much he does for the community. He plays with such ferocity on the court, but by all accounts he's a really good, caring dude.

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Does Brooklyn have any chance for an upset?

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As much as I like to play arguably one of the most important characters of the series, I doubt we'll be playing as Ocelot. We're likely not going to hear Big Boss speak much because codec is replaced by a one way radio in which the exposition will be told by Miller and Ocelot hence why Troy Baker recently joked that players will hate the sound of their voices by the end of the game.

And Kojima said he wanted players to inhabit Snake. That he'll be closer to a silent protagonist so Snake can be the player. Which is nonsense, that was never the case and I don't want Snake to be a finance guy. He's a god damn hero. This is another role for Kiefer, whereas it was Hayter's role of a lifetime.

being honest with you ive got it in my head enough that half way through this game you would play as solid snake that if i found out that was not the case it would be a bigger spoiler.

I don't know about playing as him, but I feel Solid will be a big part of this. Big Boss trained him, after all. I just know there's more to this game than they showed so far. If this is the definitive MGS experience, I expect everything possible will be put into Phantom Pain.

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@dave_tacitus: What in the hell is a vape meet? Does everyone stand in a circle and vape at each other?

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Brains were dumb.

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Finishing up 3, can't wait til they do 4. I've beaten the other games in the series a dozen times, but MGS4 was a one-and-done deal.

I'm almost temped to just run through it one more time.

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Vinny will cover it all up.

Also, seeing that name written down makes me wonder if he's a Sepultura fan.

Max Cavalera!

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I'm glad this got bumped as I tried to find it earlier.

I will always love crappy CG background from the 90's.