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Nobody has seen a Dark Souls 2 PS3 to PS4 upgrade program anywhere right? I know gamestop had one for TLOU. Would rather not lay another $60 into this game but will if necessary.

I wish, that was a beautiful promotion.

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Yes. 15 hours into DS2 on PS3, I stopped. I moved, the system was boxed up for a month, I lost the addiction.

Bloodborne's super good! I just finished, and now I'll pick up Scholar during a drought on sale. The DLC alone is a good deal, with a steady frame rate and a superior controller (really, it's tough to go back to the Dual Shock 3). It's a good game made better, and it was my first Souls experience so my PS3 character has a weird build. I want to replay it, and the complete package seems worth getting.

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If you're looking for something to do at home, Youtube has an incredible amount of exercise stuff. Lately, I've been doing a Polish lady's stuff (Ewa Chodakowska) for cardio and you probably can get by not understanding what she's talking about. Fitness Blender has hundreds of exercises, various times and intensities so you can fit it in. Or hell, just get into DDP Yoga because it's a nice, easy way to get into the habit of working out regularly.

You don't need to go to the gym to be healthy and fit!

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Out of curiosity, with the new enemy placements are you guys leveling up a lot quicker? I figured early zones with advanced enemies would give you a ton more souls, unless they rebalanced what they drop.

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Interesting, I haven't even considered chalice dungeon stuff. I figured they'd take a similar route to the past, but chalice does give them a whole lot of potential to expand weapon drops and new enemies. Maybe the DLC will diverge from their past a bit.

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Drew's busy hosting Alt+F1.

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Not Magic.

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If a game has a satisfying conclusion originally, then I don't mind. If you have to replay the whole game, I do mind. Luckily with Bloodborne, I made sure to read ahead.

With Asura's Wrath, I liked the original ending and felt good about it. But if you do a few other things, you get a slight teaser hinting at something more to come. I was intrigued and learned that DLC was coming soon. Then the DLC containing the "true" ending showed up and it was some of the best content in the game. It blew me away.

But in Halo 3, it felt like a satisfying conclusion originally. But then that short legendary teaser took away any satisfaction I had because I needed to see what was next. No DLC on the horizon so I knew I'd have to wait years. Maybe time-til-answers is also a big factor.

So basically, if the true ending sticks with you and adds something worthwhile, sure. If I had replayed all of Bloodborne to see its true ending? Holy crap, that would've been silly.

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Bloodborne is the first one I beat (after an hour or two in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1). I put 15 hours into DS2 and had fun, but with plenty of frustration.

Bloodborne is streamlined and plays like a pretty good action game. I absolutely loved it. Although I had that DS2 experience to learn the basics of the design, Bloodborne seems pretty friendly to jump into. Less stats, seemingly less variety in builds, and a tighter campaign (I was on track to finish under 25 hours, beat every optional boss in under 29 hours). For a couple weeks, it's all I wanted to do.

Although starting with Scholar of the First Sin seems like a heck of a deal. Dark Souls II is a really good game, but it's a bit different from the first and some people hated that.

In general, Bloodborne has a bigger focus on the action. The previous games seem to have a bigger focus on the RPG elements. I say this because the Souls games have a bunch more stats, weapons, and feel like larger games overall. It was viable to build a tank and just soak up damage. With Bloodborne, I just stuck to my first two weapons and leveled them up, but the the game gave me very little trouble. I play a bunch of tough action games, so maybe go with BB if that's what your background is.