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I suppose I can see why it could make someone uncomfortable.

I feel like they're setting out to make a game that builds on stuff that Payday did, while mixing it with Battlefield's urban aspects. It doesn't bother me and I didn't see anything remotely controversial about it. It's violent, but it's a first person shooter and not a political statement.

But again, I guess I can see why it bugs him.

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I never really understood why Mass Effect 3 included a super easy narrative mode, unless you were new to games.

But after watching the Quick Look and getting stressed, I'd probably pop into narrative mode here. And it made me retroactively appreciate why ME3 offered the same option.

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They're all on fire.

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So do these new versions take the best from both, or are Last Light changes just fitted into the first one?

I'm curious if Last Light is just getting a visual upgrade.

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@chaser324: That's some crisp video quality for only $9.99.

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I can't wait to hear Drew's reaction to such riveting dialogue as "She kind of wiggles her behind."

"Way of walking, huh??"

One of my favorite games, super excited for this.

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I've been seeing local Robert Morris commercials here for years and years. Now when I see them, I'll tell everyone at lunch that this school gets... well, it gets something.

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It's an ongoing and very serious mystery. Potentially a couple weeks out, Jeff said.

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I'll occasionally get a large video downloaded to 99.99% and it fails. Sometimes if I pause and unpause I can get by it.

Not too many problems with streaming, however.

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This has so much potential. I'm gonna hype myself up to unreachable heights!