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people always dismiss this game after playing it for a while, expecting it to be a single player campaign like gears of war or something, well this game is different, this focuses and multi-player campaign and matches, many  people get turned off of the game type where playing the entire level and a single location, making it a arena felt type of level, and this is carried through out the game. 
my opinion is expect something different for this game to enjoy it 
Lost Planet 2 

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Flying the planes feels nice , but found the race frustrating... never finished  even one race mission i suck at that. 
Just Cause 2  

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I go mountain biking on weekends... saw some cliffs makes me think jumping and using my grappling hook and chute LOL 
Just Cause 2

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70. Rico's talks funny 
71. You can travel around the island with grapple hook  a parachute 
Just Cause 2 

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me most of my team members died...don't know why n how to save them,,,,, hahaha IL try playing it again and make diff deferent decisions.... 
if most of my team mate die? are they dead when i import my save to mass effect 3 ? 
Mass Effect 2  

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i heard from a  podcast that the setting would be World War time line.. does this mean our assassin would be carrying  a riffle rather than a hidden blade? 
what ever it is... Ubisoft will hopefully will not dis appoint us   

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love this game this is the zelda game type iv been waiting for......... 
horse men rulezzzz!!! 

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dont think this would be the game for the generation but thus one woulfd be a great game out there cant wait for it to come out and me to play it 
Modern Warfare 2