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2010.  'Twas a good year, especially for gamers.  It was one of the only years in recent memory that AAA games were released all year round, but which do I think were best?

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My biggest snubs:  Dead Rising 2, Just Cause 2, and Fallout: New Vegas.  You don't have to check my achievement log here; I have these games.  I beat the shit out of Dead Rising 2, have played way too many hours of Just Cause 2, and will have beaten New Vegas before the GB GOTY debate comes around proper.  But...
While I enjoyed Dead Rising, and spent a whole lot of time with it, it was just a little too...  Dead Rising for my tastes.  I love slaughtering zombies in new creative ways, don't get me wrong, but the game was bogged down by some big problems.  Laughable voice-acting, occasionally wonky controls, shitty bosses, and the lack of any sort of "Skip to day __" or "Wait around for ___ hours" feature made finding specific things on subsequent playthroughs a little bit of a chore.  It was a good game, it just fell to the other great games that came out this year.
Just Cause 2...  Just Cause 2 had too much going on for me to really get into it.  I admit it, I'm like Vinny when I play certain video games; I like to collect everything or, in this case, blow everything up.  Too much of that side stuff, mixed with less-than-stellar main missions, tedious traveling (don't you even dare to try to deny it...  No one liked sling-shot parachuting across the entire game map), and shooting that never really felt RIGHT to me keep this off the list.
New Vegas was a cash-in on the Fallout name, nothing more.  New Vegas tries to take the Fallout 3 feel and transplant it in Nevada, and it kind of fails.  Fallout 3 had so much going on in it, and there was always a lock that needed to be picked, or a computer hacked, or little cranny explored (though I may be one of the first to say that a few too many of those "crannies" were metro tunnels).  The world seemed so busy and alive, even though it was post-apocalyptic.  New Vegas just feels dull by comparison.  There's far less to do, even though they tried to throw in a strange "faction relationship" system and a "survival" system.  Even the karma system of FO3 is pretty much gone here, folks, though the game loves to remind you that you're a bad person when you "steal" something.  It's all just lazy game design and poorly executed ideas.  Then add how buggy the game was when it was shipped and you've pretty much got a big ol' middle-finger in your face.