Red Dead Redemption - Off the Wall: Episode 3

So our 3rd episode of "Off the Wall" is out and it's all about Red Dead Redemption!

    In this episode we discuss some of the reasons why we both agree that Red Dead Redemption is a game on top of our favorite all time games list.  An immersive world like none other, Red Dead Redemption is a must own game for anyone wanting to play through an open world set in the west, complete with showdowns, hunting, horseback riding through the countryside and so much more.  There's really too much to talk about in one 10 minute video but hopefully, if you haven't played this game, this video will help give some insight as to why you need to go get it now!

Off the Wall - new video game show

Just thought I'd post a quick entry here mentioning a new show that KAPBAM and myself have started to discuss video games.  It's called Off the Wall and is getting really good reception from the community including the Playstation Blog!  Very exciting to see the response that we've gotten so far with only 2 episodes out as of now.  The first two episodes concentrates on Little Big Planet 2 but our 3rd episode, which is already filmed just need to edit it together, is all about Red Dead Redemption.   
So here are our first two episodes for anyone interested in LBP2  
Episode 1: Little Big Planet 2 announced! 

Episode 2: LBP2: Power Up speculations & wishlist 

Platforming Piers 3: Arctic Assignment

   Ok, well the 3rd level in the series has been published. Expect a more fast paced, action level this time around as you find out exactly what's going on with your whale friend. Again this level was created along with KAPBAM using online create. Many new animals to discover and interact with along with some unique platforming challenges. Check out this new trailer I created to promote the new level. Just search "Platforming Piers" in the community levels and you should see all three levels published so far in the series. There are at least 2 more coming, maybe 3. Enjoy!  

Platforming Piers 2: Reef Revelations


After over a years time,  I’ve finally published another level.  It’s actually my first level created since doing PANDAmonium for GOTY edition.  Wait this is actually my first published level since Nov.  2008….holy crap….that’s…..14 months.  Anyway, It’s called Platforming Piers 2: Reef Revelations and as you might have already guessed, you’ll be swimming below the piers this time.  This is also my first collaborative effort using online create with my friend KAPBAM.  His ideas and techniques are used extensively throughout the level, along with some great design.

This level encourages relaxing exploration as there are multiple hidden areas along with a 2X area, an alternate route as well as the option to play through the level 2 different ways.  I know that sounds a little redundant but just play through once, get the sticker switch and use it at the beginning of the level and you’ll find out what I mean.  This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for  KAPBAM.  The functionality behind this feature is probably the most complex of any of my levels.  I assure you that part 3 and 4 will be just as amazing if not more.  So in the meantime, check out this quick video I created as kind of promo video I suppose.  I love doing this kind of stuff!  Hope you enjoy.  Oh and let me know what you think of the level.  


Game of the YearEdition – My Level PANDAmonium!

So way back in March of this year I get an e-mail from Leo Cubbin, the producer of Little Big Planet.  He informs me that everyone at the office has been enjoying my levels that I’ve published and proceeds to offer me the opportunity to take part in an upcoming project for the game.  He says it would require building a level from scratch and proceeds to give other details regarding deadline and confidentiality.  Of course as you can imagine I accepted right away with a return e-mail.  I get another e-mail back from him and here is a quick quote taken directly from the e-mail I got back.

Hi Jonathon,

Once again, thanks for responding so quickly and I am pleased that you would like to be involved in this project.  I would now like to give you an outline of what it is we would like you to do.

We have chosen you as we were really impressed with the originality and design of your other levels.  Quite simply, we would like you to develop a new level, for us to use in a future version of the game or demo. This can be based on the levels that you have already uploaded or something entirely new, I’ll leave that up to you.  The main thing that we would need is that your level is original and all your own work, and does not contain anything that is indecent, obscene, or likely to offend anyone.

We recognise that the development of a really playable level takes a lot of time and effort and as such we are willing to pay your efforts, however, this means that we will need to enter into a legal agreement to formalise the arrangement and protect our and your rights.


Now, you can imagine at this point I’m pretty much peeing myself and completely overcome with joy.  At this point I begin to brainstorm ideas for my level.  The very first thing I designed was the cranes.  Once I had them I thought, ok maybe a far east or asian theme.  Because I always love designing outdoor environments and animals the next thing to pop into my head was PANDAS.  So I designed my first panda.  After placing one of the panda in the environment that I created It dawned on me that these guys needed to be the center of the show.

I sent off my first ‘alpha’ build of my level for review and it was accepted and I was told to carry on finishing my level to the point of what you finally see on the disc now.  Between then and now there were about 3 other versions that were revised and sent off to Sony and Media Molecule for review and Q&A.  At one point I was contacted again and asked if I’d be interested in having a video of me giving an intro to my level on the disc and again I accepted, so excited barely realizing what was happening.  Before I knew it, a crew of two were here at my apartment filming me.  They were here for about 2.5 hours filming multiple takes (of which you’ll see some of in this video) both for my intro as well as an interview that I’m not sure what they’ll do with.  I am so happy that I could be a part of this and am glad to share it with you guys.  For those of you that don’t own a copy of the GOTY edition of LBP, I created this video playthrough to at least share my final build with you.  So check it out!



Little Big Planet Galaxy redesign

I’ve converted my site, to a blog format which will be much easier to keep updated with the latest and greatest news surrounding Little Big Planet.  If you don't remember or never heard of the site it's understandable.  It was created way back in August of '08.  About 4 months ago, because of the lack of member activity and time that I was able to commit to updates, the site all but died.  Now with this new blog format, I can update the site from almost anywhere, more quickly and efficiently as well.  I also plan on keeping up with news about other PS3 exclusive titles coming our way, hence the little byline at the top of the site that eludes to this 

So if you haven't seen it yet, check it out!  The conversion is pretty much complete but I'm still working on smaller organizational details.  Also trying to get all the previous content that was there before in place.  Keep checking back often for some great content coming to these pages in the coming months and happy gadding to all you Little Big Planet freaks out there!