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It's been working for me for the most part. Just had a few issues with my latest city, but I think it's because someone abandoned their city and all of the crooks are heading to my city to rob and steal in copious amounts ;/

So now I'm just creating private regions and inviting friends in that I know won't abandon and know what they're doing LOL.

The overlay maps are so perfect and addicting to watch your water, electric, sewage, busses, etc travel down the roads to service the city. So far I've been pretty successful with my cities.

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Haven't really seen anyone post about GamersGate having SIMCITY for $30. Just picked it up last weekend and can't stop playing. Yes the cities are small and there are other issues of course, but none have really affected my play experience and I'm having a blast with this. For $30 you can't beat it!

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@huntad said:

That it's a shame that there are no cheats/weapons/costumes to unlock and use for a second playthrough.

Probably my biggest disappointment with this one. I really liked being able to 'mirror' the game for a second playthrough. There is literally no incentive to play through this game again. Not sure why they decided to omit these extras. It was fun, but when I got this, I also got Arkham City. When I was playing through UC3 I found myself saying "God I wish I could just grapple up there and glide" LOL.

The desert level with wandering was a pointless tech demo. It's almost like Naughty Dog was saying "look what we can do" for that portion.

The only WOW moment for me was the cruise ship level with the water effects. Epic!

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I'm also pretty happy that I found this for only $6 at my local used record shop. (no box)

The handling and gameplay is fine for me but I guess I'm a little disappointed with the offline game. There really isn't much to it is there?

Sure it's fun comparing/competing with friends who have the game, but other than that, it doesn't seem to be a very deep game. But then again I did JUST get this yesterday and only have a few races under my belt so I'll give it more of a chance, but from what I've seen so far, there's really not much of a point after playing Burnout Paradise.

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So our 3rd episode of "Off the Wall" is out and it's all about Red Dead Redemption!

    In this episode we discuss some of the reasons why we both agree that Red Dead Redemption is a game on top of our favorite all time games list.  An immersive world like none other, Red Dead Redemption is a must own game for anyone wanting to play through an open world set in the west, complete with showdowns, hunting, horseback riding through the countryside and so much more.  There's really too much to talk about in one 10 minute video but hopefully, if you haven't played this game, this video will help give some insight as to why you need to go get it now!
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Just thought I'd post a quick entry here mentioning a new show that KAPBAM and myself have started to discuss video games.  It's called Off the Wall and is getting really good reception from the community including the Playstation Blog!  Very exciting to see the response that we've gotten so far with only 2 episodes out as of now.  The first two episodes concentrates on Little Big Planet 2 but our 3rd episode, which is already filmed just need to edit it together, is all about Red Dead Redemption.   
So here are our first two episodes for anyone interested in LBP2  
Episode 1: Little Big Planet 2 announced! 

Episode 2: LBP2: Power Up speculations & wishlist 
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Great now I'm think my PS3 is at fault here.  I did force the game into 1080p after it initially booted up at 720p and quickly went back to 720p after crazy screen tearing occurred. 

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I know what the initial poster is talking about.  I've got the PS3 version too and noticed that pop-up is really noticable and texture draw-ins are everywhere.  The shadows moving dynamically with the day/night cycle is also horrible.  It doesn't slowly animate across the ground for example,  it jumps at intervals so much so that at first I thought it was graphical glitching.  It made me a little embarrassed for a second.  Not sure why, it was just such a glaring eye-sore I couldn't believe it.

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@lead_farmer said:
" Started Playing AC2 last night and my brother was watching.  Once Lucy's (thats her name, right?) face popped up and she started talking, he went "OH GOD!  That is not good!"

That's hilarious.  That's exactly what went through my head.  I couldn't believe how horrible the facial animations were and like you said, after playing Uncharted 2 the visuals just don't seam to hold up.  Either way, once the initial shock wears off, the game so far, is awesome.  It's exciting to go back and find all the look out points.  That was my favorite thing to do in the first. 
I was just having this  conversation with a friend of mine on the PSN about comparing Uncharted 2 with AC2.  He says he can't wait to get into AC2 and free run because numerous times throughout Uncharted he was frustrated with the fact that you can't climb anywhere you see.   
So really both games have they're strengths and weaknesses.  They're really two different types of games.  One is an eyecandy filled romp through a summer blockbuster and the other is Grand Theft Auto set in Italy ;)
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I just found a copy at Best Buy here in North America for $39.99.  It's $59.99 everywhere else.  Thanks for all the vids in one spot ;)