My Log of Mass Effect 2 playthrough *NO BIG SPOILERS*

These are the updates I posted on my twitter and Facebook for my friends to see...

How to read : every space = 25-45 minute elapse

Is now on the Normandy 2.0 Finished 2nd mission of Mass Effect 2. So far so awesome!

So now...i have to buy fuel for the Normandy? Well at least the galaxty map looks better :D

gotta go recruit this doctor...when did everything get so expensive in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2...where buying Alien Playboy Magazines for 4 credits...happens

Got is getting better and better

Shooting probes all over planets to collect resources to upgrade the Normandy and weapons...

has removed the scars off SHepard's face...

recruited Subject Zero. She is going by name of Jack though...did they change the name during development?

has recruited the Krogan, Grunt. LOL he is mimicking Wrex "Shepard" "Shepard" xD

So apparently the default is that I banged Ashley from ME1. Well met up with her and close that relationship off... Garrius and Grunt baybeee

Miranda has gained my trust...Gotta get Tali!!!

recruited the green alien assassin, Thane Krios. Yeah the dude from all those trailers back in the day

so apparently each squad member has a special side mission that if i do them, i earn full loyalty and they earn a special move...that i can learn later on thanks to research upgrades....

I did Jacob's side mission...gonna take a break from these side missions and go get Tali !!!

At the Krogan homeworld...this is BS...the default is that you killed Wrex in ME1 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
 Getting sidetracked...doing every mission BUT recruiting Tali...

two missions to do...go back to Citdael for Garris or go recruit Tali...gonna go get Tali. Miranda wants to bang me O__O

met a Japanese chef that makes ramen in the Citadel... and omg, humans are being dicks 2 yrs to everyone in the Citadel after ME1...

So uh...i bought a pet hamster in ME2...and doing everything but recruting Tali...what is wrong with me?

crap...Thane...your mission is at the Citadel...and I'm right there already...sorry Tali

Upgraded SMGs (In ME2 you upgrade weapon classes not individual weapons)...i now hold 10% extra ammo for all guns and double ammo clips for if only we can dual wield these baybees...Tali here i come!

Saved Tali and got Sniper Rifle training :D

Mass Effect 2...where meeting a Quarian that rides on a ship called the Qwib-Qwib happens

So the game has just foreshadowed that I might be able to bang Tali ! Plus now i got the Grunt's loyalty and some more research...

Recruited Samsara! Now..i must go to sleep...goodbye Mass Effect 2

Did Jack (Subject Zero)'s side mission. Now she refuses to talk to me...Tali not banged yet

Doing Samsara's side mission

Finished Samsara's side mission...going back to Liara for her mission

Game foreshadows that i cant bang Tali till close to end of game...curses

Now fully understands the significant of the first trailer of Mass Effect 2...yes there is another thing besides the fact that Shepard died...

is now at a part where I am controlling someone else besides Shepard...dun dun dun!

...might be at the final mission already for ME2...oh boy...

beat Mass Effect 2!