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My HS offered AB and BC calculus.

Basically, if you didnt jump to algebra by the time you're finishing middle school, you will finish HS with pre-calculus.

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I remember when i first saw this on an ad, i was able to see it spin both directions.

Years later, i only see it going counter clockwise.

Am i getting old :\

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Back home with some decent internet.

This is how i like my dubstep...slow and not too crazy.

Basically, the less dubstep it sounds like, the better lol

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i find that the slower the song is, the better or if the song sounds like a mix of dubstep and electro house.

The only two dubstep tracks i like currently are Strange Behaviour by Feed Me and New World by Mord Fustang.

Internet is too slow for me to find youtube links :P

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I look at yukiko's movelist. First two attacks..Agi and Maragi

I now have a huge smile on my face. Cant wait to play this game

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i think you should just put a reminder that these builds dont include OS. People can then choose what type of OS they would want. I dont think everyone needs Win 7 Ultimate nor 64bit if they are getting a build with only 4gb.

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Im going to be building a comp once the holidays start. Im planning to go for a 2 GTX580 in sli.  However I read that Nvidia will be planning to release their 600 series in early next year.  Will it be worth the wait or having 2 GTX580s will last me many years to come?  Im planning to play in 1920x1080 if that helps 

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Never for work nor school. I occasionally played when i was actually sick though 

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Go to school 
Play basketball 
take walks 
do homework (not done on computer) 
hang out with friends 

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Finished playing Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn again. 
First time playing it through an emulator. God the game looks so nice in 720p X4 AA 
The audio problems however arent so nice  :(