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Eyes on Fire! 0

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + Awesome use of mp3s + Seizure causing visuals + Bargain price of $10 ($5 on X360) -   Only have two lives -   Only two game modes -   Long time to search for songs on computer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beat Hazard is yet another dual joystick shooter available for download on Steam and XBLA. What makes it...

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A great racing game in its own right... 0

 My first review for this site so be nice.  I write reviews to help my writing skills so don't take it so seriously. I have also played the 360 version a lot at my friend's but this review is based off my experience on the PC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + A great new direction for the series + No attempt on a story + Cars feel great to drive + Great motion blur that makes racing intense + Best cockpit view yet + Interes...

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