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If you make it available early through digital you're putting the physical retailers at a disadvantage.

Console manufacturers can't shit on the retailers because they need them to sell their hardware. It's that simple.

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I buy maybe 2-4 games a year at full retail price. This year for example so far it's only been Bloodborne. I am a lock for FIFA and Fallout 4 later in the year, but that's probably it. Even games I definitely want to play (Metal Gear) i can wait for a sale for.

I tend to wait for a combination of great reviews and a dirt cheap price.

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This shit really is amazing. It starts getting great with the green room dancing before the 3rd segment, Lorne Lanning (!) making masturbation jokes with Jeff Green... John Drake getting hostile with everyone, etc.

I haven't even gotten to the last segment yet.. THis is incredible

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I have zero desire to watch Dan or anyone else on their daily routine, but I guess people are watching and geting something out of it, so whatever. I've wasted plenty of time betting fake money on saltybet, so do what you wanna do.

You haven't lived until you've listened to Jeff's daily commute on mixlr.

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There needs to be a way to create a hub for event-specific stuff like E3 especially. Honestly, during the whole week of the show the front-and-center slot should always be "Here is all the E3 shit in one place" and then have it link to a post that has things neatly organized.

It's totaly chaos when you have video versions of things, some of them also podcasts... premium and non-premium podcasts, and 8 billion trailers.

I also second the idea that it would be nice to have an option to simply hide trailers from view. I watch like 2 a year - i would be fine with having them hidden to expose more stuff that I want to watch.

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"Gaudy" & "Lacking Personality" aren't two characteristics you can plausibly assign to the same thing. You might think you understand what gaudy means, but your usage violates any usage I've ever seen and doesn't really fit with the spirit of the definition.

I think the set is plain to a fault, and the lighting is strange.

I would only use gaudy if I thought it was overblown (and I've feel equally comfortable using "tacky" in such an instance). The set is so far from over-decorated that it's understandable why people are openly questioning the usage of gaudy. The set is way closer to looking like someone literally forgot to decorate it.

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I'm guessing there is more to it that we don't know. There has to be more to leveling than just getting a perk every level or two.

It seems apparent that it does not.

If you're so sure - why did you make the title of your thread a question?

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That Shout video is excellent!

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Huh? The standard cable to connect from a monitor to a PC is male-to-male.

So yes, that cable should do exactly what he wants it to do.