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Was busted for me yesterday as well - i'm on a Roku 2.

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@cthomer5000: You can pare down the size of a map without reducing the scope of the game because (hopefully) there is more to it than how much landmass the map encompasses. As you get older you more readily recognize tedium for what it is. Wandering a huge empty map is perhaps novel for the first half hour, but after that those of us with limited time just become annoyed that that kind of stuff stands in the way of us accomplishing anything meaningful during the smaller blocks of time to play. I want to get something done if I have thirty minutes or an hour other than just walking.

I would wager I'm older than at least 90% of posters here, and I still disagree with you. I think you'd be sucking a lot of the core essence out of these games if you couldn't walk 10 feet without running into something.

If you can only play in 30 minute blocks, than it's probably better to just pass on Bethesda games rather than wish they'd be altered to fit your play-style. It obviously resonates with a lot of people, jank and all.

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Maybe other developers have better learned how to strike a balance between having an open world with "dynamic" AI versus actually filling their games with something meaningful. Maybe Bethesda should learn from them. I would be all for them bringing down the size of the world if it meant they improved the quality of it because let's be real, a lot of the world is just empty anyway.

I would absolutely not want to see them reduce the scope of their games. The 'empty' parts of the game are what makes the other parts meaningful. The presence of many buildings and rooms that have basically nothing but garbage in them makes it way more rewarding when you find something exploring some random part of the map. Exploration is basically the main point of the game, not main-lining a story.

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@cthomer5000: I don't have a condition, otherwise it would affect me in reality and not just games. I guess I just look at it a bit differently than some others.

If anything I can relate a little bit in real-life terms. I moved to a new area a few years ago, and sort of assembled a mental map of key locations i would drive to. After like 6 months i remember looking at a map and thinking "i thought that was straight north but it's almost directly west." I also remember being surprised to see how pieces of the area I had visited independently actually fit together - if i had to draw a map prior to seeing some of this stuff on a map my perception would have been way off.

That being said - as soon as I see an actual map (real world or in a game), I can't visualize the stuff any other way. Because new information has been provided, and it no longer makes sense to think of it in some abstract "feeling" based way to me.

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It genuinely sounds like you have some sort of condition I've not previously heard of. Something along the lines of synesthesia.

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Bioshock and Dark Souls are the only 2 games I ever came back to after giving up on after a few hours (and did so at least 9-12 months later in both cases).

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It's been 4+ years now, but I started listening to the podcast after Joystiq changed to a terrible format that completely killed any of my interest in their show. I think I picked it because people were posting suggestions in the Joystiq comments about other shows to listen to - i think a LOT of people instantly dropped Joystiq's podcast and were looking to fill the void.

I think I listened to the Bombcast for months before I ever visited the site. Once I watched a few quick looks though I bought a subscription pretty quickly.

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The Boss, pre-everything.

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Just finished the story last night and one thing really stood out to me, the Phantom Cigar. Does anyone else see any relevance in the fact that Venom has a cigar vape-rig and Big Boss smokes real cigars?

That always stood out to me during the play through.

Also, what did you guys name Venom? I completely forgot that I named him Sports Johnson, so it made the picture reveal completely hilarious.

I named Venom "Hideo" which I also had forgotten, so I did a full "what in the fuck?" before realizing I was the one who had caused it to say Hideo.

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I don't think i've heard of one, and their site is a little painful to navigate. Does GS have a regular podcast?