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300K just now. One of those "oops, wrong gun equipped!" moments.

Did not hurt as much as 60K though, at a time when that would have been enough for about 3 levels.

Worst "levels" type loss was my very first loss of the game. Lost over 9K fighting Father Gascoigne when I still couldn't figure out how the bloodstain/posession stuff worked in the first few hours of the game. Lost every soul I had earned to that point and had not leveled up yet. Would have been enough for at least 10 levels at that stage.

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No way, loving my PS4.

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Was happy that Rorie confirmed both Alex and Vinny would be coming out for the show. Makes it that much more exciting.

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@owen99: If you want to see written content on this site, I recommend the community spotlight on Saturdays. There are a bunch of good pieces there every week.

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I think it is freaking depressing that someone who traveled the fucking globe doing freelance work and surfing couches never found a real stable job. Like say what you want about meritocracy and hard work, but Cara Ellison was one of the fucking hardest-workingest people in the game industry and it never clicked for her.

Welcome to the creative industry. It's not a guarantee she'll be successful in another area of writing at all. There might be more stable jobs to apply for when she's not limiting herself to one area, though.

Maybe I'm just extra depressed about it because I feel like I've heard Dan exclaim the virtues of hard work (and its rewards) in this industry every few weeks, while female writers doing good work are dropping out of the industry like crazy.

Also I feel like I'm not doing enough personally to support people like Cara and it hurts. Like how can I expect people to support me one day when people like her are so much more devoted to the hustle than I am? How do we fix this problem? Or are we just going to lose critical game writing jobs because people would rather watch a live stream?

Dan is pretty much delusional. Someone who works hard and succeeds usually comes to believe they made it because they "tried really hard" or "gave it their all." The reality is that their are 20 other people who did the same thing and didn't get the job. Not everyone gets to do what they *want* to do, even those who legitimately try their best and work really hard, etc. Danny O' Dwyer seems to understand this, and has said on the Danswers podcast that he understands luck is a big part of the equation (so he gives more sensible career advice).

Also, it's possible to be really great at something and for their not to be a market their to sustain your work. If you're great at something but no one wants to pay for it... you're eventually going to have to do something else.

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The loading screen reading looks hastily jammed in there, but it's better than nothing!

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Yes, patched out. Gonna change the subject if i can.

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I just find it funny that so many people care about if jeff likes it. Is his validation that important?

I can't speak for everyone, but I think it's just interesting. He's coming in later than the rest of the crew, and we know he has a ton of historical video game knowledge and reference points, but not much with this series. It's interesting to see him give an honest take on a series a lot of members and fans of this website have been spending a lot of time on in the last few years.

In some ways I think he actually gets it more than Brad does. I kind of wonder what Brad enjoys about these games - he seems to instantly go to the internet for explanations of everything based on his own words.

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Neat trick, but what's with the 18 minute video to cover what can be said in a couple of written sentences?

For those that just want to know the gist of it, you glitch into the Forbidden Woods (Jump @9:18 and then skip to 11:58 for second jump). Then go down the ladder, move across the poison swamp and kill the 4 dogs in the cages. Once they are dead, go back up into Iosefka's Clinic and move around the room and you'll keep getting the Echoes from the 4 dogs you just killed (seen @16:05).

Mostly because I don't give a fuck, I just wanted to share something with this community. As stated in the video, I found the one video I had seen on it lacking in detail (for example, I describe how I find that jump MUCH easier with the camera in a certain orientation). I also cover stuff not in the other video i've seen (where to easily grab a quick Madman's knowledge, etc) and how the spot tends to move around within the room. None of that detail is covered in your writeup above.

I look forward to your text guides in the future though, hero of the internet.

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This doesn't matter at all, and I'm sure that name isn't even available. I would just avoid something without a ton of random numbers.

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the spot in the clinic that gives you the blood echoes seems to move around a lot for me. i had to go in between the tables often to trigger it. sometimes it would take minutes to find the sweet spot.

technically i think it's still more reliable to downgrade the patch and dupe blood items. assuming you can downgrade, i haven't tried yet since i got my ps4 yesterday.

really interesting and fun/weird bug though.

As mentioned in the video, it definitely moves around. The first time I did it, it was around a specific table, the rest of the time it has been in the middle of the room. About 33% of the time it has been in a corner where I couldn't circle around, or it hasn't worked at all. If it's not in an easy spot, just go to Hunter's Dream and back.

In NG+ it's way more wild - often it's in the corner and it will not work at all to keep a circle pattern going. NG+ has proven to be WAY less reliable in general. Sometimes it works twice and then stops. Sometimes it works for an hour and then stops. Somtimes it works for 7 hours straight. I can't figure it out yet.