Decided to play some Dust: An Elysian Tale

After finishing Far Cry3 I really have been looking for something a little different, and since I picked up this game when it was released, and played for about an hour, I figured why not, and try out a little more. It is working out to be a decent time sink so far. I do notice the hours disappearing away as I play, and since I play so late in the evening, I also notice that I'm not getting as much sleep as I should. I don't mind too much, but work does go a lot slower when you are bushed. I'm hoping to be complete with this game by Tuesday next week as I will be picking up Tomb Raider.

I have avoided most of the info about Tomb Raider there has been out there, but since they reviewed the game early on a lot of sites already, and the concensus is that it is an enjoyable game, I'm gonna give it a try. Nothing bad can come of it really. I like it means that I will finish it, if not then I will invest the 10 hours or so into the game (Usually when I feel that I am done with a game if not enjoyable) and shelve it for later play possibly.

Anyone else looking forward to the new Tomb Raider? Or maybe you are awaiting Bioshock Infinite? I pre-ordered that one, as I can not pass up such a great looking, and very enjoyable series as that one.

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Hitman: Absolution & me

This is my first foray into the Hitman world. I am really liking it so far, but I don't think it is my style of game. I can see a direct route to where I need to go, and head that way, but then at the end with the breakdown of how you got through the mission, I notice a lot of things that could have been done. This might make me want to play it more, and repeat the level, or go over the game a few times, but I can't seem to look beyond the most obvious.

In the second mission (chinatown) I had taken the fastest approach to the level. Walk in, take out a guard, bring the target to me, kill, and walk out in front of everyone in the square. It just seemed a little too easy, and straight forward. I figured this out in the next level, as I am having a few issues getting to the tragets at the hotel. Getting in was nothing, finding the actual targets is what I can not seem to accomplish without alerting everyone to where I am, and having a giant shootout. I played through this scenario about 4 times for the better part of an hour, and finally getting tired as it was late, I gave it up, and went to bed.

I can't seem to get to the targets even when they appear on my map, and it is getting a little frustrating. I am really wanting to accomplish the goals, and get more story out of it as I go. Maybe because of the previous level being so straight forward, and easy, I need to forget about making harder for myself, and just hear straight for them. I should be able to disguise myself sufficiently to make it past a guard or two, so maybe that is how I will approach it tonight.

I also wanted to mention that since this is my first foray into the game I am only playing on normal, I don't expect to go harder difficulty, I don't enjoy games that are too hard to play through.

If anyone has any tips or tricks without spoiling too much of the game for me, please let me know. I am looking for anything that can help me out.


End of the month

So last year I found a cool Lego advent calender for the count down to Christmas, and this year I did the same thing. There was also a Star Wars Lego advent calender, but that was double the price. Sure lots of cool little ships, and figures to assemble, but I could not justify the $50 price for 24 little lego toys. Starting on Saturday being the first of December, I am going to open the first door with my son. He is very young, and won't be playing with it (not quite a year yet), but we will be able to enjoy it just the same.

I have enjoyed lego since I was a kid, and have kept up with new sets, and series as they come out, and so far my favorite ones have been the creator series. Just so many things you can make with these, and the basic pieces/sets that come in each box. Star Wars was my second favorite set for sure, I never did get the Millenium Falcon, or the Death Star, but the Imperial Star Destroyer from over 7 years ago did make into my collection, and is still my favorite piece. 2' X 3' and over 4500 pieces I can not go wrong. The display is gorgeous, and goes great with the scenario I set up a few times. Lately the Monsters have been winning me over for new sets, and the fun factor is great also. Hunters, and traditional monsters fighting away on a train, or cars, or a set is always fun.

The Lord of the Rings sets look awesome, but they too are a little more pricey than I thought they would be, However I think will start with some of the new Hobbit sets first. They are looking even cooler, than the LOTR sets.


Lego: Lord of the Rings

So one-third done in Lego: Lord of the Rings, and I am loving it. I have not played that many Lego games, but this one really does take it to a next level. I love that it is using the movie for dialog. It allows them the chance to add a lot more to the story in sense of Lego style jokes. If you have not seen the trailer I recommend it. The best part is at the end, and I just completed that section. It has a nice amount of humor, and does a great job at keeping the pacing moving just the right amount.

I have encountered 2 freezes so far, nothing related to the game as far as I can tell, but it is a little disconcerting. It could be me playing on the PS3 fat, and not one of these new PS3's, but that really should not make any difference. There is a lot of free play, and almost always a large area you can "explore" between the scenes that you play through. I also wanted to mention that Hobbiton in the Shire looks beautiful. Each vista that you visit is just as great looking as the last, and they really made the scenes gorgeous. So far I think my favorite part is the Misty Mountains. They really added a lot to the area, because we all know that it was a large part of the movie. There are parts you must carry the dwarf, or a hobbit over for assistance with the next area since they take a longer time to cross the thick snow, or play as Legolas, and you just walk over the snow like he did in the movies.

So if you are looking for a new Lego game, or a Lord of the rings game. I recommend this one. I have not always enjoyed the games, but this one is great, and comes highly recommended by me. (Grain of salt can be used)


Borderlands 2 sunk the claws in

So I have been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 lately. Still have not finished it yet, but loving it so far. I find the story intriguing just to find out what will happen next, and how I will get to the end. I think I am closing in on the last of the main story since I'm playing around at Jack's city right now. I loved Lynchwood, and all of the quests available from there. They were a lot of fun, and really challenging especially when you get to the final showdown. That was a really tough fight. I never used a sniper rifle as much as I did when playing through that scenario. Especially being a gunzerker, the sniper should almost never be used.

My next character is going to be the Mechromancer. She just looks like a lot of fun, and I was thinking about starting a new game with Gaige, but want to finish Salvador's campaign first. It does put a bit of a damper on the game though when the only time I can play is after 10pm for about an hour or two. No one on my friends list plays the game so that makes a little harder since I don't like just opening the game to anyone. There are a lot of annoying people out there I have played with in the past, and I think that I would still prefer playing with people I know.

Dishonored has been on the backburner for since it came out, but I really want to play that one shortly. I started the very beginning of the game, and played for an hour the night it came out, but never went back. I feel that I need to go through one game before starting a new one. Darksiders has been holding for me since Borderlands came out, and will also need finishing.

I never found the creepers in the caustic caverns, but I need to go back, and run to the island also. If the creepers are located somewhere else please someone let me know. I want to take them out. Just like I did with the 7 dwarfs, and Snow White. That was a great quest also. My favorite quest though was the headshot. Just a great little distraction from the game. Something that really needed to be added in the game for all of us that headshot everything.


Lucky charms

I have been playing games for years, and there is a part that seems to come in the adventure games that I have a difficult time passing/completing. Since I have been with my wife before she was my wife for the past 11 years we were gaming together, or at times she would watch me game. The first time I discovered she was a good luck charm was with the game The Bouncer from Square-Enix. I got the the end of the game, and played for a few hours not beating the end fight. She showed up, and I was complaining about how hard it was, and how long I have been playing. She sat down, and watched me defeat him without taking a single point of damage. I used this a few other times as time went on. One for Ratchet And Clank, and most recently on Sunday.

I woke up early, and started playing some Darksiders 2 at the huge battle after reviving the golem with three stones I was fighting him for an hour, and died once, soon as she sat down, and watched I completed it with very little effort. I have told her a few times that I need her to watch me play some games more often so that I can defeat the battles a little easier, but she does not like just watching me play.

I just wanted to mention this, as I was wondering if there are others out there that can use their spouse/significant other as a lucky charm. Do you ask her to watch, or does it just happen when they come in the room?


Playing Darksiders II, and wanting to start Borderlands 2

So I was mentioning quite a bit about playing Sleeping Dogs, and how much fun I was having. I still love it, and it is a lot of fun, but sitting with a couple of games staring me in the eye after finishing Sleeping Dogs, means that I must move on. So last week I started playing some Darksiders II, on my PS3. I own the first one for the system, and I like to stick to one system for games like that. I have to say that Darksiders II is a great adventure game. They really made it feel different from the first one. Death is much more Agile, and the combat is more visceral so far. I have really just started the game, and been only playing for a little over 10 hours now, but it really is a great experience.

I would have liked if they would have kept up with the Earth in this game instead of a different world, but after a few hours they explain why it is not earth. Other than saying it is taking place at the same time as when War is at his trial for starting the apocalypse early. They say it has a lot of loot, and the possessed weapons are a great feature, and I agree, but the loot seems to still be a little light in the beginning. Or maybe it was because I had a couple of the extra downloads, and the Angelic armor, and weapons you get work for a few levels before you start to need that upgraTheded weapon, or armor. Now that I am just about level 12 I have really started finding that I can change weapons or armor much faster. I just finished upgrading one of my possessed scythes, and found something about 3 times better at this level. It keeps your inventory from getting too cluttered with the upgrading, and having different effects to a weapon is always nice also.

If you sacrifice a weapon with fire it can have a chance for fire effect when it upgrades, or cold, piercing, whatever you are looking for. Sacrificing armor even adds a defense ability to the weapon. Can never have enough defense I always say. I also like that not every dungeon will provide you with a new tertiary weapon or power, and also that you will use these powers throughout the rest of the journey. There is some backtracking, but when is that not expected of a game like this? It is after all an adventure game in the vane like Zelda, or Infamous, or what have you. The other thing I was not thinking, or really aware of is that Death is not the Reaper. He brings death, and can summon the Reaper, but it is not the same entitiy in the game at all times. He can assume the form of Death, or rather his true form which is close to the reaper, but not exactly.

Darksiders II has been in my head now for a couple of days since I have had the opportunity to play it for extended periods over the last few nights, and I want to find out what happens. I am invested in the story at this point, but with Borderlands 2 staring at me since yesterday (I ordered it from Best Buy, and I didn't pay for the same day shipping) it's going to be hard. I know that Borderlands 2 is about guns, and wasting people, but a funny game is always something I rather enjoy. I want to play it just so I can see what the zany claptrap will do/say. He was my favorite character in the first game, and continues to be the reason for the second one.

So what's others out there spending their time on? Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2, COD/Battlefield? Or just waiting for that next best thing? I am getting swollowed up in the releases for the next few months as October 9th is the next game for me. Dishonored is the next one, and I am going to try to stop there. (Possibility of Hitman: Absolution in November though.)


A great Weekend

Just thought I would say that I had a great Labour Day weekend. Was the first time in a really long time that I was able to sit down, and just play a game for a few hours. Well maybe a few more hours than I should have, but it really had taken me back a few years now. I sat in my lazy-boy, with controller in hand, and ensued to play sleeping dogs. It was about 15 hours in total this weekend. I'm still a while away to finishing the game, but it still is so much fun. I was doing what I was hoping was progressing everything as clearly as I could. I went on a couple of dates, and finally got the power to see lockboxes on my minimap now. Working towards opening them all now.

Money is not hard to come by, but I seem to spend it just as fast as I get it in hand. Cars, clothes, whatever, but with Face at lvl 10, I can now really start to buy cars up. 40% discount, and another 15% for the clothes I wear makes cars a lot cheaper. Work my way to finishing off everything else, and I will truly be that happy camper. Ready to start Darksiders 2, asap.


Just can't get enough

So the day that Sleeping Dogs came out, I picked it up, and started to play the game. Since then I have spent every evening that I can playing the game. I don't start until around 10:30, or 11pm, but I find myself just wanting to do one more thing. It's a lot of fun so far, and I am really enjoying the hell out of this game. I am just about 12 or 14 hours in, and almost 20% done so far with my little time allowed to play, but it is really keeping me entertained. There are a lot of little touches to the game, and it just keeps giving.

I love collecting cars, and finding new clothing, boxes, shrines, whatever it is I love to find it, and activate it. I read, and watched a few reviews after picking up this game, but none of them seem to do it justice. The fun factor in the game is what keeps me going, and wanting to come back everytime. It keeps me thinknig about what might happen next, or talking about what I did in the game to others. It has been a while since the last time I hyped a game to freiends, and colleagues at work that game. I want to see this succeed, and whatever can be done so that another one arrives in the future. It would be a big disservice to a starting franchise if this happened to not make another.

I really liked GTAIV when it came out, but there was always something extra missing IMO. I think it was hand to hand combat. I prefer to not just go in guns blazing everytime, and when they introduce the gun play in this game they do a great job. I also love the Hard Boiled feel when in the gun fights when you vault over something, and slow down time. I am sure that I will write a full review after I play more, or maybe when I finish the game. For now I just want to enjoy my time with it, and get more collectables.

I do see that the dating area in the game goes almost nowhere, but they are a nice distraction for a break in the crime, and corruption portion. Would be nice though if you could like choose one to stay with, or something else.


Finally the day has arrived for Sleeping Dogs.

I have been awaiting this day for a couple of weeks now, and I am happy to see that it has finally arrived. Sleeping Dogs is out now, and will be a nice treat. I have heard great things for this game, and the anticipation has been growing steady. I really hope it will relieve the doll drum of the open world blues I have been having lately. I heard the driving is really great, built like Need for Speed/Burnout, so last night I dropped in my last Need for Speed game I bought, and played for a bit. What fun it was. I wish the sound track was a little better, but since the game is like 2 years old now I see what it was like back then. Music tastes change all the time, and this was no different.

I thought from Friday last week that since they mentioned an embargo from Square-Enix that they could not post the review for Sleeping Dogs here that they would have had a review posted at midnight this morning with the review. I still don't see anything yet. I was wondering what they thought about it. I watched the Quick look again yeasterday, and it sounded like they enjoyed the game, but after going through what they really felt is what I was wondering. What ever they say it won't change my mind about the game, but I always like to know what others feel about something like this. If anyone out there has an early impression so far after spending an hour or 2 in the world I would love to hear what they think.