Dark Knight Rises

So tonight I am forsaking my duties, and going to see this movie. I figure why the hell not, and then I can actually talk about it with people. I hope it really lives up to the hype that I have heard.

When I get home tonight I figure that will be my que to clean up a little bit, and get my character back to the capital in Dragon's Dogma. I may have to descend into the Ancient Caverns again, but I'm okay with that if I can bypass an ass load of bandits. Since there is a way through the caverns I figure even though the Ogres in there most likely will kill me, it's a faster, and safer route. I wrote that I killed one ogre so far, and that's it, so I know another one will be a huge challenge. Those are not the easiest things to kill. Not by a long shot. I will prevail though if I have to save it right before, and after I kill it.

So is there anyone else out there looking for a mage pawn around lvl 20? I have been upgrading her as often as I can, but she is not getting a lot of RC for me. I received like 151 for the last 2 times someone has used her. Guess it does not matter that much, but I would like to hire a second pawn that is a little higher than my level if I can afford it. If anyone wants to use her she is Rehtaeh on the Xbox360. I keep forgetting to add that I am playing it on that platform. Maybe I should have grabbed it for the PS3, I have spoken to a few people that have this game for that platform, and offered their pawns. Too bad it was not a cross platform type thing. That would be truly kick-ass.

Let me know if you want to exchange info, or whatever.