Gaming Rig Help(Noob)

Hello, I have recently purchased a bunch of games on steam because of the crazy sales and with the intention to motivate me to buy my rig. I am new to the pc world and was hoping for some input as to what parts I should buy. I have done some browsing of parts and studied a few pc building guides so I have a some what more in-depth idea as to how the whole unit works and what to look for in each piece. I have a budget of about 1,000-1,500 dollars. Any info would be nice such as specs for your current rig or specific brands to look at. So far I have gathered that I will most likely buy an i-5 quad core intel processor, nvidia geforce 1gb-1.5gb 560ti video card, 8 gb of ram, and a terabyte of hard drive. You can use this or disregard it completely. Thank you in advance.



Hola. Just started my account. Hopefully soon i can sign up for the premium membership when i get some monies. I love giantbomb and all the people that work to make this site great.