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Blue is my favorite color, but I switch between a lot of different colors. I wear pretty much anything. The only color I don't have is yellow, but I'm getting some for Christmas.

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Can someone confirm- I can't seem to be able to bomb into special rooms (item, mob trap, curse room, etc.) from the secret room anymore. Was this changed in the last patch?

It's a glitch in the new patch. I heard that the developers are trying to fix it, so hopefully it gets fixed soon. I would still like them to fix the glitch where I just keep walking and shooting in whatever direction I was holding for like 20 seconds. I can't even exit or alt tab out of the game when that happens. It has ended so many runs and has been happening to me since day 1.

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I'm not in the exact same boat as you, but I don't play games as much as I used to. I used to play games like 5 hours a day. Now that I'm in college, I'm a bit busier, and I'm branching out, trying new things. Well I do have a month long break now and no job, so I will probably be gaming a lot, but I definitely do want to leave the house and hang out with friends. I can't live without my friends for a month. Not anymore. I can't be the recluse who just stays on the computer all day anymore.

Also, I actually watch more let's plays of games than I play these days. The only game I really play anymore is Binding of Isaac Rebirth(currently at 66 hours). I probably should stop playing so much so I don't get carpel tunnel. I like being able to do things like sports without my hands wrists killing me. In general I do feel like I'm slowly drifting away from games as well. College will do that to you. I feel the need to do things besides video games while I'm still youthful and active. I want to travel the world and go on awesome hikes and play fun sports while I still can. I also need to go to the gym so I don't look like a toothpick anymore, and can attract girls easier. Yea I guess one of the biggest factors pulling me away from games is romance. I want a girlfriend, and not some crappy one. One who I can share my feelings with and will do the same with me. Sorry if this got kind of off topic, but I just couldn't stop writing once I started.

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Since it's FLA i'd say the dog track. Kidding! How about a nice cup of coffee or a smoothie place?

Make dinner a second or third date if it gets that far. You'll be used to each other enough where it won't be gross when you're spitting food trying to have a conversation.

I don't really like coffee, so that probably isn't happening. We don't really have smoothie places in my town. The only ones are at the mall, which could work I guess.

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First dates are a good one for public places like museums, parks or *zoos. There are distractions to mitigate awkwardness and a nice, non-threatening atmosphere. They also demonstrate that you are actually interested in doing interesting things with this person that are a little less selfish than the typical eating, watching movies and getting laid.

*Make sure it's not a skeezy zoo. Nothing'll wreck a first date faster than witnessing a bunch of mistreated animals moping about.

This. I love going to museums, parks, and zoos. You easily avoid a lot of first date stuff when you're constantly bombarded with things to see and do. You're constantly interacting, rather than passively doing stuff together.

Since you're young, you can do a little research and see if/when the museums/zoos have free days. They get packed as hell on free days, but around Chicago unless you have a pass (Which I highly recommend.) you're looking at $20-40 per person. A date to the shed aquarium with all the add ons cost me close to a hundred bucks. Ouch.

Whereas 3-4 hours at the Art Institute on a Thursday free night cost nothing, and afterward, we walked Michigan Ave. We bought churros from a cart and got some coffee from Intelligensia. A $15 date that 3 years later, still gets brought up.

The girl I want to go out with doesn't like museums and there aren't really parks where we live. Our area isn't really pedestrian friendly in general. We don't have sidewalks on a lot of our roads. The ones that do are on main streets with lots of cars going by, so its kind of dangerous and not romantic. We don't have foodcarts since we don't live in a city. So walking around sucks in my area. Thanks or trying to help though.

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You could also, like, ask her in person if she wants to hang out sometime during the holiday break (or after) and ask for her number to establish a tentative plan, and get to know her a bit before making any firm plans. Again, depends on the person though, some people might not be as open to that, but like, there's not really any strict rules for hanging out with people, y'know?

Yea I could ask her that. I'm just worried that she might say no and just wants to stay friends. If she says that, then our friendship is will be kind of awkward after that point. Some of friendships are already like that, I don't want to add to the list.

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I recently went on a first date to a movie, and it was perfectly fine. It gives you a chance to be in each others company without having to think of things to talk about, and then afterwards you can get something to eat and talk then. I really don't understand the whole "movies are terrible first dates" thing. As long as you plan to do something after the movie that gives you chance to talk and get to know each other, there's no problem.

Also, Hoodslam.

Yea a movie and dinner seems like an okay date idea to me, but many people seem to disagree on that. I don't know what to do! I have no idea if she likes movies, but who doesn't? If she doesn't I might have to reconsider going out with her.

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@cubidog1: I should say to you if you go to do something with her and try to show off that may not go over to well. What I mean is, it may be more fun if you don't know how to bowl and she does and you ask her to teach you. Or you both don't know how to bowl and you make a game out of that.

It's just something to consider as well. Sometimes the things we are bad at/new at can be a source of enjoyment in and of itself. You know what I mean?

I know what you mean. Hopefully we are both bad if I do decide to go bowling with her. And that's assuming she says yes, which I have no idea if she will.

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Laaaaaaazer tag, dawg.

In seriousness though: you should probably see what kind of things she likes and dislikes before you come up with a date idea. If she's a movie hater: don't do movies.

I don't have much time left to talk to her since I only see her at college and we only have an exam day left, then we have a month long holiday break. I would love to know what she likes/dislikes, but we haven't talked much and we don't have much of a chance to talk now. I could get her number and text her, but I want to ask her out in person. I might have screwed myself, but if I don't ask her out on our last day, I may never see her again. Anyway, thanks for the advice.

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I also second the bowling suggestion. I might also suggest however, that you do a test run before inviting her to the bowling alley: most people seem to at least do okay on their first time bowling, but even after a number of times I still always seem to hit gutter balls almost half of the time.

Along the same theme, a roller skating rink would probably be a decent date spot.

Thank you for suggesting the practice run. I just might do that if I have time.

Going to a skating rink seems like a good idea to me, but that's because I used to go there all the time back in middle school. I would be a lot better at roller blading than at bowling. But now going skating is considered lame if you're not a young teen, so that kind of sucks. I should just ignore those comments, but she might think like that as well. Skating also burns calories, so maybe it is a good idea. Thanks for the tips.

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@toowalrus: Yea I walked around with a girl at the mall once, but she decided to not make it a date by inviting four of her friends and not telling me about it. But that does seem like it could be fun. I just worry about running out of things to talk about. I get nervous about that kind of stuff. On the coffee subject, I've never had coffee that I liked. Maybe I'm just not a coffee guy, but every time I have some it tastes horrible and I need something else to mask the flavor. Plus its expensive, so I don't really mind not liking coffee. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, good job on your current relationship. I hope I will be in your position soon.

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Cool, I'll definitely considering bowling. I would play pool because I play that all the time at my college during down time, but she doesn't seem very interested in pool. I asked her once if she wanted to play, but she said she was horrible and just let my friend and I play. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I had never even considered bowling!

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I like the idea of going to a zoo since I haven't been to one in a couple of years. However, the closest zoo is close to an hour away. Considering I can't drive, she would have to do drive us there and that feels weird to me. I don't know. If we do it and don't connect, then there's that long ride back. If she does drive us, then we have another problem because her house is a bit closer to the zoo than my house. I don't think she would want to drive me all the way to my house and then go back to her house. Got some advice for this situation?