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The Witcher 2, Dark Souls 2, Bastion and Borderlands 2 all look great and are a ton of fun. There are also so many amazing indie games that look amazing, but don't require a beefy computer to run.

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Any LPs by Achievement Hunter are great. Very few are over an hour. They are edited to be funny. They come up with challenges in many games such as Minecraft or GTA. Other times they just play typical game modes such as team deathmatch or do co-op. They've been doing this since late 2012, and are easily my favorite lets players.

Videogamesawesome is another group of amazing people. I've been watching these guys longer than any other letsplayers. Some of my favorite include Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords Adventures and all of their Mario Party episodes. So much cooperation and competition. They also have a really good LP of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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Of course anything from Rockstar is gold. Saints Row The Third was amazing. Just Cause 2 was good, but got boring after a while.

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I've tried restarting the chapter multiple times. I don't want restart the game, since there is so much waiting around for stuff to happen. Maybe I'll just watch a let's play of it?

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I was on the mission at the restaurant, and eventually got to a point where I couldn't progress. So I watched a video walkthrough and followed the entire chapter step by step, and I couldn't get to the table to hear the conversation between the detectives.. I got my brother to play the chapter since he had already beat the game, and he couldn't do it either. I think my save is destroyed now. Has anybody else ran into this problem? If there is no way to fix it I think I'm just going to read a plot sypnopsis.

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I plan to do most content alone, but I will do some grouping. I just want be able to play alone when I want. I'll try to convince my friends to play if I love it. So which is sufficient?

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This topic has been a hundered times, and yet I still feel compulsed to answer the question. My pick would be Minecraft. It's the game I've put the most time into. I've never even installed any mods. I rarely play multiplayer because I don't want to start over, having to collect everything again and rebuild all my creations. I don't really find it fun. Its just...addicting. It is also the perfect game to play while listening to a podcast, news, re-runs of shows you like. I love it.