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The Halo and Call of Duty games always had a great framerate in 4 player splitscreen. Also I started playing Borderlands 2 on my gaming pc, and it even though I have it on the lowest settings, the game still chugs sometimes. It sucks.

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The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is the only thing that matters to me for the rest of the year. So hyped!

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Portal, Half Life and Dark Souls are the only franchises I have played every main game. I'm close to completing Halo, but I have not beat its campaign yet. I have played every numbered entry in Metal Gear, but I haven't played Peace Walker or The Phantom Pain. I watched my brother play some of Peace Walker and I just didn't like it because it didn't seem nearly as focused on the story.

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@ I spent 2.2 cents per hour for Minecraft(which is my most played game and my favorite game). Second place would go to The Binding of Isaac and its expansion which cost me 2.4 cents per hour. Those two game easily had the most bang for your buck.

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Man you are so nice! I would love:

To the Moon, Bit trip Runner, Anodyne, Dust An Elysian Tale, Fez, Bastion or Cave Story.

Any of those would be great!

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I have never played Dota, but I have watched quite a few hours of some let's players casually play the game with each other. I have tried watching competitive matches, but I just didn't find the commentators entertaining. I still don't know who a lot of the heroes are, what abilities they have, and what items do. Also, the matches can drag on, but sometimes I'm into that. Its a very interesting game, and if any game deserves to be considered a sport its Dota 2.

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Oh my god I really want to play this! The hype is real!

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Minecraft is easily my favorite survival game. It is easily my most played game of all played game of all time and also my favorite game ever. There is so much more content in Minecraft than other survival games. There are also other things to do besides just survival, such as building amazing creations like rollercoasters, computers, or even Rapture from Bioshock. Minecraft also has tons of mods, which extend the lasting appeal immensely. I get bored of most survival games within 5-20 hours, but with Minecraft I've spent easily 1000+ hours with it since early 2011. Whether playing alone or with friends, Minecraft is an addicting experience.

Also, I have probably watched more gameplay of MInecraft than of any other game. I still watch a Minecraft video every week thanks to Achievement Hunter's Let's Plays.

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I think Mario Kart is much better than Diddy Kong Racing.