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@avidwriter: Yes. Yes it does. Different game play types for different types of gamers.This is sim at it's finest. Driver is not even in the same ballpark, gameplay-wise.

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It only means something if the PS3 version has a mandatory install.

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Like any of the other main MGS games, I enjoy it about as much as I did the first time I played it. And that means that it's just ok(except for 3 which is amazing). I love the story and characters, but the gameplay is silly. Good thing I play this series for the cut scenes.

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Easily Super Castlevania IV. Great music(the best remixes of the main themes from the previous 3), graphics that still stand up today, great gameplay, long game not padded with backtracking, and just the best overall traditional 'vania game out there.
I have to throw a shout out to the new 'vania game, Lords of Shadow. At first I was playing it with biased eyes, as I mistook it for a GoW clone, but the more I played it, unlocking new moves and just having a better understanding of the combat engine, it really grew on me. Turned into one of the better games I've played this generation. Sure, it stole from a few others, but these days, who doesn't? The overall experience was grander than it's few flaws. Plus, they did a remake of the Waterfall level song in IV for the new game, the only remixed song. Great story. SPOILERS---- I loved the original origin of the Vampire Killer in Lament of Innocence, but this one was a great origin story for ol' Drac.----

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Seventeen dollars later and your bank account is hurting? Wow. But really, sounds about where I usually am. Actually gonna jump on Terraria right now, since I been planning to get the game anyways, and this is too sweet a deal to pass it up.  This is actually making me into a poc gamer, because there are so many great games to take advantage of on a daily basis without the deals. Steam has made me a believer.

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Trip-hop, chill, ambient stuff like Telepopmusik, Portishead, and other awesome bands that I shoulda been listening to years ago are finally getting love. Pretty much all the love these days.

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Just waiting for Oddowlrd Inhabitants to announce something... they said they were dropping games to focus on movies. that was right after they released Starnger's Wrath and canceled Fangus. sadz

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I enjoyed it up to season 14, then it got pretty lame, Milhouse. Thank Jebus for Futurama, the best thing to ever be canceled by Fox. Seriously, Futurama is the show The Simpsons wish it could've grown up to be. Oh Yeah!

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Dunn shouldn't be forgotten, but he also shouldn't be treated like someone who was out there saving the world one problem at a time. People do put famous individuals on pedestals they don't deserve to be on, and then they mourn these individuals like they were part of the family. Pathetic. Sure, send a prayer or well wishes or whatever the fuck you do to give out positive energy, but don't make out this death to be more than what happens every day, especially since 1)it was his own fault, 2)he took someone out with him who had no direct influence on the driving, and 3)fuck overpaid "actors" and in general all famous people. I bet he wasn't the only one who died that day. Jesus.
But using Hitler as help out your cause was pretty lame, Milhouse. His bad definitely outweighed his good deeds. Dunn was just a guy who got famous by being a silly fool.

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Tales of Phantasia for the SNES still looks amazing. Actually, the majority of SNES/Genesis(later years) games look amazing still. Super Castlevania IV was a launch game I believe, and it still has some of the best graphics and sound in any game.
Most PS1/N64 games look like shit today. low poly counts and other techy graphical tricks used today not being around then are the reaosn for this. that's why many games of today will still be able to hold up well in ten+ years. Except for anything by Rockstar outside of Rockstar Presents Table Tennis.
Shmups like Ikaruga, Gradius V, R-Type Final, and anything Cave still look amazing.
Oh! And cel shaded games like Wind Waker, Killer 7, Guitaroo Man, PoP'08(hated the game though), Jet Set Radio Future, and even Crackdown are tasty looking.