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@MangyForestCat: WOAH. Dude, I've been a socialist and republican for over 20 years now and even I think that's a little bit strong.

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I imagine that somewhere deep in the bowels of Microsoft HQ a lawyer is having stroke while screaming insensibly for someone to change the artwork before the Portuguese fella sees it. How many months have they had to sort this out and someone (a soon to be unemployed someone) puts up the wrong JPEG.

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@slantedwindows said:

alex - you strap guitars to your waist?

Steve Albini (a GREAT MAN) straps his guitar around his waist.

Fingers crossed there is an option to switch the chart around for left-handed players. The screenshots make it look like it'd be a nightmare to follow otherwise.

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Indie Games continues to be a great service and really should be covered more in the press. While a big chunk of the games are rubbish there are good games released on there virtually every week, and for most of last year I found myself enjoying Indie Games way more than the stuff that was on XBLA. I mean Apple Jack was one of the best games released last year for anything (download or retail) and cost me 69p to buy. It was almost criminal how much I paid for that game.

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The challenges are a great idea, but too often they've been reduced to just "kill a bunch of dudes today" type stuff. While the staying alive in Firefight one was a little obnoxious in practice, in theory that is the type of stuff I'd like to see more of.

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@heatDrive88 said:
" I actually don't mind the current NXE interface. I always sort by New Arrivals and find everything I need. This only thing that really needs fixing is Rock Band and other music game releases cluttering up the Game-Add Ons sections, especially when sorting by newest content. "
Absolutely. Since each music game basically has its own store front service now anyway is there still a need to have every single song released for Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Lips displayed individually on the new arrivals list? At any given time 80% of the list is taken up with this stuff and it makes browsing it deeply annoying.
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Now I can finally live my dream of covertly pretending to be Dizzee Rascal in my bedroom without it seeming a little bit sad if my flatmate catches me doing it. Tinie Tempah on the other hand is shit.

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I really shouldn't have changed my background to a picture of Peter Molyneux. His eyes are boring into my soul and I feel a strange and unwelcome desire to start wearing Turtle Neck jumpers and visit my Mum and Dad's house to get my Amiga out and play Populous. 

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Well that video brought back some memories.

Jesus Christ, that was 16 YEARS AGO!! I suddenly feel utterly, utterly depressed all of a sudden. Do they still make Vitalite? I could fancy some about now.

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I'm from South London (or should that be Sarf Lahndan) but I acted a bit and read Linguistics as part of my degree so I can do a decent version of whatever you fancy. Accents are a very interesting topic generally, especially in regards to the USA. A massive country with a period of mass immigration at the turn of the 20th century and yet such a small amount of diversity in accent. Compared to some countries it's bizarre, especially on the west coast.

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