Things I want to add

Just a list of things I still want to add to the site, so i don't forget.

  • Dizzy character write-up.
  • Bar codes/ratings/box art from all the games in my collection.
  • Solus editions of GH games.
  • Use world of spectrum to update all Speccy games

Add more as I think of it.

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Call of Duty 4 / Prestige Mode

Started my first Prestige mode this weekend. Gonna post my stats up here and compare them when I hit the next prestige, hopefully they should be better.

Time taken: 1d 15h 43m
Score: 52387

Wins: 337
Losses: 412
W/L Ratio: 0.82
Win Streak: 10

Kills: 3890
Deaths: 2747
K/D Ratio: 1.42
Kill Streak: 21

Accuracy: 15.92%

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