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The correct game with the correct spelling already has a page here :
Not much info on either to warrant a combine?

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I play carries like Ashe or Tristana mainly. Started getting into Amumu and Morgana now though for a bit of variety. Love this game. I definitely recommend playing all of the champs when they are free. The more you know about the other champs the more it helps when you face them in other matches. I have around 40 champs as i bought the retail game, plus the other champion pack. I've also bought a few with IP and RP like Xin and Ezreal. So addictive.
faultered on EU servers. Add me for some arranged games, definitely up for some proper teamplay.

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Should be "Gragas, The Rabble Rouser", not the cask master.
See here :
 done - mracoon

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Awesomeness, been waiting for news on another expansion for ages

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He forgot to say "Only in America" at the end of his "available this week" speech. :(

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And still.

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This seems to be getting worse.

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... and it has DLC that I'm trying to add.

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Yes I've seen this all over the site too, must be problems in code when games are added or deleted. Ive seen some pages with minus numbers on them e.g. Appears in -9 games.

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Box art needs setting - I just uploaded some so there's only one box art image to choose.