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Hey guys, I really want to get into The Walking Dead, but I'm not sure which platform (excluding PC) to play on. Typically I would always go Xbox 360 for any multi-platform release, but playing the demo for The Walking Dead on both consoles I noticed weird visual quirks that put me off from making a choice either way. The 360 version is absurdly dark even when turning up the brightness, and the PS3 version has what seems to have heavy compression artifacts.

Looking online, I haven't found any discussions online verifying that these issues are either confined to the demo areas or present in the rest of the game. So if you guys could tell me how your experiences have been and direct me to one platform or another, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Out of curiosity, does anyone have photos of what the special shirts were? I only saw the "China don't care" shirt this morning; What did I miss?

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Yeah! This is awesome. ... I was originally SUPER bummed out when they announced that they were going down the path of exclusive retail pre-order bonuses. But this is exactly how it should all go down post-release. 
The "exclusive" pre-order content ... kontent, should always be something that is largely cosmetic and not integral to the experience. Then afterwards they can go ahead and sell it, because again, this is only for people that really want it. You're not missing out on anything if you don't buy it, and that's how it should be. 
In any case, good on Netherealm studios. 

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Wow... what am I supposed to say here? 

I'd recommend that the mods just close this to avoid any additional stupidity.
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Our game is making consoles explode? BLASPHEMY! But uhh, please make sure to download this completely unrelated patch before you play our game again. 

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WOW. This is AMAZING news. It's awesome to know that MK is doing well enough for this kind of release. 

Now to make Boon promise that MK will never go to 3D fighting ever again...
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The biggest problem with this service is the quality (or lack there of) and marketing of games. While it's fairly easy to find out this week's Arcade release, or future releases, it's much more difficult to do the same for the indie games. 

And speaking from my own experience, I haven't found any indie games that really did it for me. Nor do I hear anyone really talking about anything that comes out on the service. I think this is largely due to the fact that Microsoft picks out any project with a real chance at being successful, and migrates it over to the Arcade side of things. So in the end Microsoft neuters any possibility of this program taking off in any meaningful way. 

Also? No achievements for Indie games. Yeah, appealing. Having achievements won't fix the quality of the games, but it would allow people to draw similarities between the indie games, and their arcade "big brothers". Put a price/achievement point cap on them that would be comparable to that of arcade games. Say 100 points, and $5-$10 maximum price point. Just a thought.
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Hm... I'm not sure about this. While recent fighting success stories like SF and MK would lead one to believe the same could happen with Soul Caliber, you should remember that those two franchises went back to a retro vibe. With Mortal Kombat specifically, they took the biggest leap backwards from 3D fighting back to its 2D roots. Soul Caliber however, has largely been the same since its incarnation. 

So I'm not entirely sure this is relatable to the recent fighting game success. For this to do well, I'd personally say they have to go in the other direction and do something innovative to the Soul Caliber franchise. 

Though I have no idea what exactly that should be, I wish the team luck on figuring it out. I can only hope their solution isn't more console exclusive characters, because that isn't the answer.
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@drag I'm in the exact same boat. I missed out on the DLC deal by a matter of hours, simply because I thought it was on sale until the end of the promotion and not the end of the day. So now I feel like as soon as I buy it it'll drop with the forthcoming DLC. Haha.

But anyway, thanks for all your responses. I think I'll probably leave the shadow broker for last and mix in the other dlc as I make my way through the story. I just finished the Horizon mission for clarification.

By the way, is there a confirmed release date for the final DLC?

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Hey guys, I'm playing through mass effect 2 for the first time, and I'm curious as to when I should play the dlc.

I'm most definitely going to play through it multiple times, but I do want the most complete and cohesive experience I could get.

So if anyone could give me advice of when to go about this, without spoiling the storyline, it would be greatly appreciated.