My Thoughts on #XboxReveal and #FriendUserName info... peace C.C.R.B. Issue #2

About Fucking Time Microsoft, friggin known about Sony since February, what took you idiots so long... aside from that i'm excited to see what they have, besides Kinect 2.0 and an Always On Console. Let's see if Xbox can provide a good enough Bribe to change my mind on Buying a PS4 first. Balls in your Court Microsoft Studios and Xbox makers. Getting a Wii U this summer after E3 or if they announce a cheaper Redesign then i'll wait til that comes out. I'm on board with Nintendo andSony Computer Entertainment America so far. the order of getting consoles will be determined on whether Sony or Microsoft have the better all around package. i will get all home consoles eventually as i'm a Gamer 4 life. still and always will be a Nintendo Fanboy first, as my First System was aNintendo Entertainment System and first two games i beat were Super Mario Bros. 2(us version) andThe Legend of Zelda(NES).


Nintendo 3DSxL PlayStation Network (PS3) and Xbox 360(live Gold)

#usernames if u wanna be buddies online in games:

@curtman2k7 on here and @Curtman2k20 on Twitter/Facebook/Google+/PS3/Xbox360/Origin and @DustyCurtman3rd on Steam and YouTube. you can find me at DustyCurtman3rd...if you love Achievements and Trophies and wanna know how you rank, join in at and they also have a streaming App for you streamers out their.

peace and god speed...


Dusty CurtMan the 3rd aka Curtis Willard Jr


First ISSUE...VOL#1 of's C.C.R.B.

WELCOME TO THE FIRST ISSUE THIS WILL BE KNOWN AS CCRB(short for Crazy Curtman's Ramblin' Blog)

where in this issue i talk about Wrestle-Mania XXVIII(28), WWE, Brock Lesnar's return week 1 & 2, ROCK and BROCK's Contract and poke fun at the Dork that has inhabited John Cena's character on TV.....


I won't say RISE ABOVE HATE cause thats cheesy Cena's friggin stick, Thank God THE ROCK one and thank GOD BROCK FUCKING LESNAR CAME BACK, we need Attitude 2.0 to kick in for the Teens and College kids, and the angle they ran last night reminded me of when Tyson and Austin had the pull a part on RAW in 1998, but LESNAR IS BACK FOR ATLEAST 16 MONTHS on a minimum of 2 appearances per month, so PPVs, and RAWS and like big house shows filmed for WWE classics on Demand and the WWE Network (who are trying to by a established network as we speak... buy stock now because The Rock signed a 1 year contract extension and will wrestle Cena soon and the Plan if everything goes right The Rock bringing the title into WrestleMania and Brock fighting him for it next year, thats the plan, but won't be announcing til after Brock/Cena feud ends and The Rock/Cena 2 & 3 happen....TheRock is filming 3 movies but in between he wants to wrestle to keep in ring shape, for bigtime PPVs like Summer Slam or Possibly Survivor Series where he debuted going on 16 years ago in 1996....enough wrestling talk...Search user WWEFANNATION or goto the new better if you have ever liked Wrestling and see what they did with TheROCK/BROCKLESNAR/mixed with sometimes serious sometimes dorky JohnCena...Brock's new nick name is The War Machine, and still has the Here Comes the Pain music to boot, hasn't wrestled a match as theyr're saving that for EXTREME RULES on PPV at the end of the month beginning of May....if you loved Tyson/Austin or early Ken Shamrock/Dan Severn/Tank Abott UFC type people invading "RASSLIN" then this is being played off right in your allie, they have a deal where Brock can mention UFC, WWE will promote UFC whenever he's on TV and his shirts advertise the MMA gyms where he trains other fighters, he also has a book out ghost written by real life best friend Paul e. Dangerously/Heymen a/k/a the owner of ECW back in the day and the owner of Heyman Hustle, just search Heyman Hustle on YouTube and Heyman even at age 40 something living near time square he still knows what the HardCore Street and Youth are into, it is un-rated but with age guards so both are not really for the faint of heart or for people that can't stand PG-13 and up've been warned, but its the internet so just don't get caught, i'm almost 6' 5 1/2 when i stand up straight, so had stubble in 8 grade and deep voice by the end of freshman year, so when my city had magazine shops, they never carded me, KIDS DON'T TRY THAT I GREW UP IN THE 90s WHEN THERE WASN'T an ESRB and the Porno INDUSTRY DIDN"T NEED IDs to PURCHASE MAGAZINES ECT, btw as soon as boxes from USPS and UPS (there free if you just get boxes from the respective services online and they come free of charge with no purchase necessary, they also have on $9.00 pre-maid ebay and paypal lables that you can put in a printer and print out the invoices, or if you don't wanna spend money to make, money then just tape an 8 x 10 sheet of paper and by some packing tape at or or whatever your favorite online site for new stuff can sell at this new FaceBook Connect enabled site called YardSellr search on FaceBook and you can sell your junk that you never use and supplement your income, if you make under 1000$ USD a month taxes will consider that a right off on a tax return, where applicable, my friends did that and are looking to buy a house after years of doing that, right now they live in a nice Condo here in CT and are looking to buy TVs, not interested in profiting off of your used stuff, donate to Child's Play Charities or Directly to your wards of your town/cities/nearest Hospital...anyways this turned into my first blog post here on Giant Bomb, if you liked it, then look forward to more ramblin's from Crazy Curtman!