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change is good...MMMMKay but seriously awesome can't wait for GiantBomb to take over the world! Duder 4 Life

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looking for Wii U friends, got a Wii U with X-mas Gift Cards. anyways GiantBomb Id: Curtman2k7 ComicVine: Curtman2k20 Nintendo Id: Curtman2k20 peace and i hope to have some friends soon. peace and god(s) speed. :)

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holy s%$t that's amazing!

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holy shit... so sad... i followed u and the crew since Gamespot..You will be missed. RIP Ryan

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hey everyone, was wondering if anyone has a bug net for sale, when selling to Nookling's or Re-Tail i accidentally sold my bug net lol, and now the Nookling's haven't sold it yesterday or today. this is my first AC, and after i did this i felt so much like a newb. :( ..anyways if anyone has a extra bug net, or their store is selling it, that would be great. not sure how online works as i haven't tried it, and only saw the little bit in the Quick Look, can i come to your world an buy it from your store, or do i have u buy it and then pay u with bells? thanks any advice would be very thankful. loving the game, and wondering why i never tried any of the earlier ones now. my FC is in the other thread, but.... Name: DCthree FC: 0232-7801-6773 if anyone wants to help, just respond here or pm. thanks

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here's mine. day 2 of playing so far. first Animal Crossing game, and now i'm wondering why i never played one before. anyway here's info...

Name: DCthree and FC: 0232-7801-6773

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if you're writing blogs, for multiple sites including my own, u get Hashtags so google will find me. Don't like it unplug the cord..peace and god speed

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About Fucking Time Microsoft, friggin known about Sony since February, what took you idiots so long... aside from that i'm excited to see what they have, besides Kinect 2.0 and an Always On Console. Let's see if Xbox can provide a good enough Bribe to change my mind on Buying a PS4 first. Balls in your Court Microsoft Studios and Xbox makers. Getting a Wii U this summer after E3 or if they announce a cheaper Redesign then i'll wait til that comes out. I'm on board with Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment America so far. the order of getting consoles will be determined on whether Sony or Microsoft have the better all around package. i will get all home consoles eventually as i'm a Gamer 4 life. still and always will be a Nintendo Fanboy first, as my First System was a Nintendo Entertainment System and first two games i beat were Super Mario Bros. 2(us version) and The Legend of Zelda(NES).


Nintendo 3DSxL PlayStation Network (PS3) and Xbox 360(live Gold)

#usernames if u wanna be buddies online in games:

@curtman2k7 on here and @Curtman2k20 on Twitter/Facebook/Google+/PS3/Xbox360/Origin and @DustyCurtman3rd on Steam and YouTube. you can find me at DustyCurtman3rd...if you love Achievements and Trophies and wanna know how you rank, join in at and they also have a streaming App for you streamers out their.

peace and god speed...


Dusty CurtMan the 3rd aka Curtis Willard Jr

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