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thanks for all the entertaining videos!

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change is good...MMMMKay but seriously awesome can't wait for GiantBomb to take over the world! Duder 4 Life

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looking for Wii U friends, got a Wii U with X-mas Gift Cards. anyways GiantBomb Id: Curtman2k7 ComicVine: Curtman2k20 Nintendo Id: Curtman2k20 peace and i hope to have some friends soon. peace and god(s) speed. :)

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holy s%$t that's amazing!

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holy shit... so sad... i followed u and the crew since Gamespot..You will be missed. RIP Ryan

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hey everyone, was wondering if anyone has a bug net for sale, when selling to Nookling's or Re-Tail i accidentally sold my bug net lol, and now the Nookling's haven't sold it yesterday or today. this is my first AC, and after i did this i felt so much like a newb. :( ..anyways if anyone has a extra bug net, or their store is selling it, that would be great. not sure how online works as i haven't tried it, and only saw the little bit in the Quick Look, can i come to your world an buy it from your store, or do i have u buy it and then pay u with bells? thanks any advice would be very thankful. loving the game, and wondering why i never tried any of the earlier ones now. my FC is in the other thread, but.... Name: DCthree FC: 0232-7801-6773 if anyone wants to help, just respond here or pm. thanks

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here's mine. day 2 of playing so far. first Animal Crossing game, and now i'm wondering why i never played one before. anyway here's info...

Name: DCthree and FC: 0232-7801-6773

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if you're writing blogs, for multiple sites including my own, u get Hashtags so google will find me. Don't like it unplug the cord..peace and god speed