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Been playing it since day two, granted on the Eastern European 1 Server.... 0

The Good: It does what SimCity does right, with a mixture of elements from The Sims 3, and some of its own tweaks and innovations. It has run very smoothly and i have played close to 12 hours on quite a few occasions. They have tripled, and quadrupled servers and service is getting better day by day, it should be noted that once that happens, they plan to put the features back in, so who knows if that'll crash the servers again. Also i have gotten a game going on North America West 3's server, ...

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Great Gameplay but a Limited Roster... 0

For a downloadable title this game looks pretty awesome, plays really good too. The main thing that drags this title down is the limited roster, yeah sure you can create a fighter, but the photo realism is lost on the CAFs. Download this is you're an MMA and ARCADE fighting fan, but if your a fan of the UFC games or even EA Sports MMA, you'll probably dislike this game. It's fun for a little while until you run out of fighters and fights to play. By at your own risk! - PEACE DC3...

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WELCOME TO MY RE: REVELATIONS/REVLATOINS REVIEW....Every Single mode of this game get the best S or SSS or whatever highest rating you can get in this game, it has cliff hanger that leads into 4-6 storyline, if you don't understand what happens in 4 and 5 this is a lot of the back story, course had to get the fucking replacement cover, as my pre-order from i got the fucking Revelatoins version, but thanks to Capcom Unity the official Capcom social site, i found the forum and got my ...

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Polished Turd...Capcom Strikes back edition.... 0

on second thought, fine xbox have the exclusive, i played the game for day and a half from Gamefly and sent it back, its a clunky piece of shi----it...not even worth a look, and i've played every RESIDENT EVIL game released in USA(except 5 and the coming 6) and this by far is the worst of the bunch, and that's saying alot if u don't believe i've almost beaten all of the PSone "Classics" and those look like late 80s early 90s pc games with the controls being as good as they look, but they're stil...

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This game is f*cking awesome! 0

Love the story its very gripping, and i felt during the combat portions, it was very reminiscent of gears of war and mass effect third person action with squad mechanics. The story had me so hooked that i actually pulled an all-nighter to finish it, then the last hour or so, you don't really see much of the plot twists coming, and i know i like/hate after credit true endings/bonus endings, but in this case its an amazing ending. If your on the fence of whether to try this game or not, i definate...

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Would of been 5 stars if.... 0

The Create a Wrestler mode was better.....this game is great for Nostalgic wrestling fans and fighting game lovers as well. The Create a Wrestler in Legends of Wrestle Mania was better, but thats because it was the same system used by the current SD vs RAW team, this game is made by former Midway and Acclaim wrestling game makers.  While this is good in move animation and cut scene animation, it blows for stiff action figure style wrestling....reminds me of when LJN, one of WWE's older action fi...

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The Show is Back...Unless you want... 0

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. This Game is Awesome except if u wanna play it online on a Saturday night around 11pm EST/8pm EST two straight saturdays with problems on their side...unexcusable as game/beta testers to not know how to operate servers by now....peace, love and take care...BITCHES!!    ...

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