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After re-reading my thread title... yep. That's embarrassing : P Thanks for the responses. I'll just keep pushing through friend quests until the achievement pops.

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I'm working on the People Person achievement and I can't figure out whether I've made friends with any of my party members or not. Is there any way of telling for sure who's a friend and who isn't?

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GT: Cusseta

TZ: Eastern / North America

Titanfall / Battlefield 4 (and Dark Souls 2 for those 360 gamers out there!!)

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@strangestories: You beat me to it. I was gonna say PvE magic builds were actually OVERpowered. Practically put Dark Souls on Easy Mode.

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I started with a melee class and got my ass handed to me (though this was probably because I didn't "understand" the game yet). I decided to reroll as a straight Sorcerer and haven't looked back since. The Sorcerer has made almost every boss fight a breeze. Keep in mind that I'm only 80ish percent of the way through the campaign, but unless something dramatically changes, a Sorcerer is an incredibly viable PVE class. Also: I'm a noob.

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@savage: Thanks for the help. I stuck with the rapier (because I suck at aiming bows of any sort) and just duked it out slowly but surely. It took me roughly 20 minutes, but I finally did it. Now I'm on to the Tomb of Giants. I've heard horrible things about it, but I do have Cast Light so hopefully that will help.

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I rolled a sorcerer for my first real playthrough and I've been having minimal difficulty until now. As a sorcerer, I realy want the Moonlight Greatsword, but I just can't cut off Seath the Scaleless tail!! My main problem is the lack of a decent melee weapon. I have Valka's Rapier (my best melee weapon atm) but still have trouble cutting off the tail. The YouTube videos show guys doing massive damage with one hit while I do 83 dmg with my rapier. I;m stuck. Argh!

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So, what you're saying is that you've finally hit up that kind of rush? And that you think From Software really rocked it?

Yes. I believe that about sums it up!

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I purchased Dark Souls for the 360 on release day and played it for about an hour before deciding it was too "clunky" for my taste. Then, about one month ago, I purchased it again during an XBL sale. Why? I have no clue whatsoever, but I promised myself that I would suffer through at least a couple of hours before putting it down for good (I guess I just wanted to find out what all the fuss was about). A few hours turned into a few days and now I'm addicted. It's one of the only games I play now and at 50(ish) hours of in-game time, it might have become one of my favorite games ever. What I initially found "clunky" was simply a style of game play that I had never experienced before. In fact, it's anything but clunky! It's damn near perfect. Dark Souls, which is (in)famous for its difficulty, is surprisingly fair and only of average difficulty. The hardest part is simply getting over the mindset left behind from every other 3rd-person "hack-and-slash" game and realizing that Dark Souls is about slowly moving forward and treating every new encounter with a degree of caution. To make a long story short, I've discovered what a great game Dark Souls is and I wish I could somehow impress that upon as many gamers as possible. From Software really hooked it up!!! On a side note, Demon Souls (which I've tried because of my new love Dark Souls) is incredible too! I can't believe it took me so long to come around!