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@truthtellah: This is just what chihuahuas do for some reason. I had one that would give you that look for absolutely no reason. Made me worried people would think I beat my dog.

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Anyone who feels they have to make sure everyone knows they don't agree with Anita Sarkeesian before denouncing death/bomb threats is being super disgusting. Stop doing that.

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Sil3n7 speaks the truth, we only see Patrick with this stuff, if you guys like it so be it but I'm gonna avoid it. I'm coming to this site for fun gaming not a lecture in sociology.

You've been doing a really bad job at avoiding it so far.

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I will outright condemn any threats made towards people. Threats shouldn't happen AT ALL.

But blaming #GamerGate for all of this seems a bit premature. This could still be a troll just looking to cause chaos. The authorities are looking into all these threats, so let them do their job.

I still think GG is fighting for something that matters, and will continue to support it.

GamerGate was poisoned from the VERY BEGINNING. It was never fighting for something that matters. That was not the goal and it hasn't made any progress toward reaching that anyway. Stop defending a broken movement.

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Let's see here.

Victim blaming? Check.

If You Just Ignore Them They Will Go Away? Check.

Implying this is just someone being "a dick"? Check.

NotAllGamerGaters? Check.

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@theegravedigger said:

@mirado: I'm aware. That's one of the reasons I erred on the side of caution with the trigger warning, though that seems to have been problematic for some people. It's strange, I can't say I recall seeing people object to a trigger warning on material that didn't turn out to be triggering before.

Given the context of some of the #yesallwomen stories and the reports of rape and death threats being received by people who participated in that, I thought the issue might be more controversial than it ended up being.

Far as I've seen, giant bomb duders tend to have a good attitude overall. I can't recall seeing much trolling on the forums or in the guilds I've played with. Often the duders I've talked to have been more thoughtful about video games and the elements that go into making them.

Patrick and Alex brought up the idea that rape has become an expectation of a certain type of horror movie at this point, if I recall correctly. Or perhaps that was Horror Show Hot Dog, it's hard to keep track of all the podcasts I listen to these days.

I feel like the trigger warning stuff is another case of Americans catering to each others bullshit passive aggressive oversensitivity. It helps nothing but censor important conversation on the basis someone "might" be offended. The culture of this is rife in the USA and personally I think its the sort of thing that lends exactly to this "entitled" attitude displayed by the actual subject of this conversation.

I mean we can hypothesise all day, but if this guy was called out more often in his life instead of ignored due to people being so sensitive of each others feelings and never talking anything untoward, this probably would of never built to this conclusion.

As someone from a country where everyone calls everyone else out on bullshit all day, who has visited the USA multiple times with USA relatives, i'm not talking out of my ass here. This passive aggressive politeness/political correctness has a way of slowly strangling people to death.

How the hell is a trigger warning censorship? Do you actually know what trigger warnings are? Because one was used for this thread and everyone has been posting here just fine. Also I love that you basically blamed a mass shooting on political correctness, but nobody here will really care because thank goodness you didn't blame their ~precious video games~.

By the way, you actually are talking out of your ass.

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I dunno, does that guy who said all feminists should drink rat poison still post here?