Song from Mercenaries Commercial

Does anyone else think it is a parody of mad world from Gears of War? I want to know if I'm crazy and the only one who hears this or if I am not alone!  If "m crazy i will accept it but I just want to know others opinions on this and please feel free to call me crazy or inform me of its origin!


*sigh* If only I had a 360....

If only I had a 360! There are so many awesome games out that I really want to play. I do enjoy watching my sweetheart play his 360 but its not the same. I am more than welcome to play his when it is over my house but I am one of those people who are too damn cautious with other peoples things and a I'm also so bloody paranoid that I will do something and erase important things to him. I curse this paranoia!  But alas I am a mere college student who does more classes than work....maybe I can afford one when its 250 :(