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@steparnicus: THIS IS SO FUCKING DOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!! Amazing job!!!!!

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Definitely agree with Patrick. Sexism is a problem, We might not be able to fix it. but we can raise awareness.

AmericanNinja was giving his opinion, Trolling for sure, but giving opinion none the less. My problem with his comment was not the indifference, but that is just an easy way to make other problems seem bigger.

I was born and raised in a third world country, and yes it's fucked up there. That doesn't mean Sexism is less of an issue, and it happens everywhere.

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Sorry guys, I could not help myself and made a little animation with Jeff's best Pun of the year! let me know what you think.

I apologize in advance to the moderator if this is not the right way to share this with the community : /

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one mirrion troops!!!!!

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I understand its getting delayed and everything, but why the fuck they announced this at 2010!!!!!! I mean I understand a better game will come out because of the delay, but Jesus!!!!

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recently I took a pic of my new 360 and I saw the stupid amount of games I own! post a pic of your collection!

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yah, Kaz Hirai saying that he was not going to be the president is like Chobot saying she will not lick any more Sony Devices

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If you play Skyward Sword you might understand his decision, that game didn't feel like his vision of Zelda.

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DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wonder what will be the game that dethrones Call of Duty