Its About The Game- February


Hello, My name is Cvamp, and this is my (Gaming) life.

The beginning-  

To begin with I suppose I should give some background on who I am and on what this blog is about.  I am a lifelong PC gamer with some occaisonal handheld and console stints but the PC has always held the most appeal to me and still does.
I’m an aspiring writer and currently in High School, when im done I want to look at Games Development or Journalism regardless of how hard industries I’ve heard they are to break into. Because that’s just what I want to do.
I’m an Australian gamer and am well used to being screwed over in regards to the prices of games and have since moved over to using Steam for basically all my game purchases. 
I’m writing this blog on Giantbomb for the purpose of doing a monthly post about what I’ve been playing and my thoughts on gaming related things.

The Witcher - 

A good mate of mine by the name of SL33TBL1ND gifted me The Witcher during the Steam Xmas sales with the attatched message “ENJOY ALL THE GRATUITOUS SEX AND VIOLENCE” because lets be honest, at this point almost everyone has heard of the mature content in The Witcher.
So last Friday I finally loaded it up and started it. While the game is a bit shakey in the technical department its storytelling and writing is top notch and I was already invested in the story after an hour. The Combat is remarkably fresh and has led to me describing the game as “Dragon Age but the combat is a rhythm game”.

The Birthday- 

So it was my Birthday this week and I wont go into the nice gifts I got, I will mention the copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction that (The Very Same) SL33TBL1ND gave me. I’m enjoying it so far but unfortunately we were unable to get the multiplayer working.
So far I am feeling that Conviction is less of a stealth game and more of the a shooter-action game. Which is a shame, because the stealth in the Deniable Ops mode is quite well done.
Dear Developers, Make there be an incentive for using stealth and a penalty for failing but don’t make the penalty an instant death actually make it a tangible penalty.

The Regulars-
While some games come and go all the time, there are some who stick with me.
They are...The Regulars.
This months regular is Starcraft 2. I got it on launch and am still playing it fairly regularly. I’ve been slowly getting better and better and can now play as Random since I have gained proficiency with all three races.
As well as doing 1v1s I also played through the Blizzard Mods that came out recently.
  • Left 2 Die- An awesome Co-Op mode that expands nicely on one of the campaigns best missions.
  • Auir Chef-I’m still not entirely sure what to make of this but its a truckload of fun with friends.
    • Starjeweled- Easily the best of the three. Blizzard have somehow managed to fuse Bejeweled and Starcraft in a way that not only works but is also incredibly fun and addictive. Of the three mods is is the one that clearly required the most strategy.

The Commute- 

I have a moderately lengthy commute to get to school in the mornings and in order to make that less boring I do two things. The first is listen to podcasts. The second is to play games on my 2G iPod Touch. While my iPod is beginning to show its age and having trouble running more recently released stuff on the Appstore. It hasnt stopped me from being on the lookout for good 2D games.
One of these games is “League of Evil”. League of Evil could best be described as a similiarly technical platformer to the recently released Super Meat Boy. While its nowhere near as hard as Meat Boy it does still get pretty tricky. Unfortunately its not as fluid as Super Meat Boy when it comes to dying.
The game was a dollar or so and has 60 or so levels and I’m roughly halfway at the moment I can see myself finishing it.

The Clan- 

So, I’m part of a gaming clan known as TEM(The Evil Muskateers) and we’ve just started a new tradition of sorts. I used to host LAN Parties for us but currently circumstances have changed to make that no longer possible. So we’ve started going down to this Internet/Gaming Cafe every fortnight for an afternoon or so of communal gaming. Its quite fun and should hopefully continue to be in the future.