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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review 0

I really like South Park. I began watching the show in the early 2000s and have loved the characters and their brazen, twisted sense of humor ever since. I also have a deep admiration for RPGs; exploring vast new worlds and building my character over hours and hours has captivated me for years. Yet when I heard that Obsidian Entertainment was developing an RPG based on the long-running franchise, I was quite skeptical. Perhaps it was that the South Park name hasn't brought forth many good games ...

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Pros and Cons: Duke Nukem Forever 0

Since I was six years-old, Duke Nukem Forever has been in the works in some way or another. Now, after what seemed like forever (Huh? Yeah? You like what I did there? Alright, let's move on.) and quite a few development teams, the King is back baby, and boy has he aged poorly.You might not want to bet on Duke this time around. Trust me, you won't like the result.Pros:It's somewhat rewarding to be playing a game that has been through so much for so long.You can write/draw whatever you want on dry...

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Pros and Cons: Crysis 2 0

Four years after the release of Crysis, German developer Crytek is at it again with the technically awe-striking Crysis 2. This time, however, the team has left the actual jungle for the urban jungle of Manhattan. You play Alcatraz, an ordinary soldier who is quickly outfitted with the game changing Nanosuit and charged with tracking down a valuable ally while repelling an alien invasion. While the first Crysis played like a long tech demo, Crysis 2 is anything but, featuring an engaging campaig...

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Pros and Cons: Homefront (Single Player) 0

John Milius, the Oscar-nominated writer behind Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, has stepped into the gaming world and has given us Homefront. Shortly after the death of North Korean Kim Jung-il in 2012, his son Kim Jong-un becomes ruler and unifies both North and South Korea under one country. His power builds and builds until he finally invades the United States in 2025. Two years later, you as Robert Jacobs join a resistance group as you attempt to take back your life, your country, and your freed...

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Pros and Cons: Killzone 3 0

Pros:The visuals are absolutely astounding and easily the best currently on the PS3. While I personally enjoyed the grayed, urban environments of Killzone 2, the ice covered mountains and colorful jungle were a welcome change.Some great action sequences, including a surprisingly fun stealth segment.Jet-packs added a new dynamic to combat and traversal.Multiplayer is fun and much more rewarding than the previous installments. The inclusion of Guerilla Warfare, which is solely Team Deathmatch or b...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review 0

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest installment in the long-running, blockbuster series. After its long stint in World War 2 and in the modern era, developer Treyarch load up the Blackbirds and take us into 1960's Cold War. The game throws a lot things at you, with its action-packed campaign, its intensely customizable multiplayer, and everyone's favorite ridiculous add-on, zombies.CampaignThe single-player campaign opens with protagonist Alex Mason (played by the not-at-all Alaskan Sam Worthi...

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Pros and Cons: Mafia II 0

Hey guys and gals, are you tired of the seemingly overabundance of gang and mafia-themed products being released in recent years? No? Yes? Well, either way, Mafia II is out! Jump into the shoes of Vito Scaletta, a young man who arrives in Empire Bay as a little boy from Sicily with his family and quickly becomes involved in the gangster lifestyle, attempting to ascend the wiseguy ladder to hopefully one day be "somebody".Pros:Engaging story with many memorable characters.The voice acting is top-...

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Pros and Cons: Alan Wake 0

Welcome to Twin Peaks-- shit, I mean... Welcome to Bright Falls, the quaint Washington mountain town that's home to a deep, dark secret and the setting of Alan Wake, the new action/adventure title from the title-named-after-protagonist-with-word-play-in-his-name guys, Remedy. Wake is a well-known writer who goes to Bright Falls on vacation with his wife after suffering from a severe case of writer's block. As quickly as they arrive, however, Mrs. Wake is mysteriously kidnapped, and Alan is thrus...

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Pros and Cons: Alpha Protocol 0

2 STARS in case the dumb star rating's not working.Eight months ago, I was just about to leave to pick up Alpha Protocol on the day of its release when Sega decided to postpone it until June 1. I was so pumped for this game and just before I got a hold of it, it was taken away. Now, I'm renting the game to see how it has turned out, and I'm glad I chose not to buy it.Pros:Dialogue system adds some urgency to your choices.The choices you make have some deep impact on how the rest of the game play...

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Pros and Cons: Modern Warfare 2 0

ProsExplosive campaign with tons of thrills.Deep multiplayer with tons, tons of replay value.Awesome sound effects from your gunfire puncturing your enemies to a Predator missile crashing near you.Challenging yet fantastic Spec Ops missions. I very rarely play co-operative because I like to take my time and explore a map rather than just book through the level like my friends, but this made me want to have them come over to play these many set pieces. Cons While explosive and fun, the single pla...

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Pros and (a lot of) Cons: Dead Rising 0

I have to admit, playing a game where you're trapped for 72 hours in a mall swarming with zombies sounded pretty intriguing. This is the premise of Dead Rising, the new zombie-slaying action game from Capcom. Protagonist Frank West is a photojournalist investigating a strange phenomenon in the small town of Williamette. He is dropped off at the local mall and quickly discovers the phenomenon is actually zombies. The rest of the story is then spent on the mystery of why the zombies are there in t...

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Pros and Cons: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 0

The world of Tamriel is in peril by the evil forces from the realm of Oblivion, and in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion it's up to you to restore peace to the land. You don't however, have to play the main quest right off the bat. In fact, I myself didn't actually get into the main story until about 50 hours in. This shows one of the true beauties of this game: choice. Once you step into the beautiful world of Tamriel, what you do and the order you do them in is entirely up to you. Bulk up, join a...

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Pros and Cons: Fallout 3 0

Alright guys, picture this: The peeps who made Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion make a game very similar that but set it in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. Well, welcome to the world of Fallout 3, a game just like I described it in the previous sentence. Coming into this game a huge Oblivion fan, I was expecting huge world to explore with seemingly endless quests and much fun to be had. And, I am happy to say Fallout 3 fulfilled those expectations and even usurped them numerous times.  Pros:  - There...

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Pros and Cons: Splinter Cell: Conviction 0

Sam Fisher's back in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction with a whole lotta vengeance and whoop-ass. It's a more personal story that takes Sam on a journey to find his daughter's killer as well as high-stakes mission to protect our great country from the very company he helped create, Third Echelon.    Pros:  - Mark and Execute works fantastically and is feels pretty rewarding when you pull off a four-man kill.  - Gameplay flows at a breakneck pace yet never feels overbearing. - Projective sc...

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Pros and Cons: Metro 2033 0

Metro 2033 is yet another game in the increasing post apocalyptic genre of video games, which is perfectly alright with me. The game is based on a novel of the same name by Russian science-fiction writer Dmitry Glukhosky where the aftermath of nuclear war has left near-future Moscow a frozen tundra and the last remaining humans have set up colonies among the vast Moscow Metro system.  The player takes control as Artyom, a semi-mute protagonist who never talks except for narrations from his journ...

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