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Ah, good stuff. Brings back memories. Damn I wish there was a way to grab an RSS for a Giant Bomb user's blog, as I'd love to follow SID-licious closely.

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edit: fuck it. now they holding the bombcast ransom for 5,000 subscribers, over it.

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Its 4 lets do this.

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Blizzard and Valve keep showing how to do PC games right.

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Woo, barely made it. 

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I know Ransom, it hurts my brain...

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Hey Mana fans,

I've gone through all the FAQs on gamefaqs and made a list of which ones have implied permission to post to other sites and which one require permission. I've emailed all the authors (whose email addresses are still good) who require permission to repost and have gotten permission for most. I've started porting over a full walkthrough, but its taking much longer than I thought and I am short on time right now to devote to the project. I'm going to keep chipping away on getting all the quality guides/FAQs on GiantBomb so we can have the best Secret of Mana resource out there, but if anyone wants to help just reply or drop me a PM.
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+1 for list sorting. started making a favorite list, gave up immediately when i realized i could not sort the list. Lists are useless without sorting.

The idea to select image is nice too.

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Nerje said:
"So I've done most of the gameplay information, next I'll do magic and then I'll do the travel/world map/flammie stuff before the end of the week.
Sweet, nice updates. Glad to see someone else working on this article. Motivated me to do some more. Just did a huge update, filled out characters, items, music, and magic. Added a word or two to your gameplay stuff, but it was good to go. Looking forward to your future updates.

Jesus, I just spent 6 hours on this article.

I couldn't get the 'sub-heading' thing to work so I made my subheadings bold and underlined.  Can somebody tell me how to do it properly?"
Just click sub-heading from the drop down menu. You have to have the text highlighted to do this. If that's what your doing and its not working, then I don't know.

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Hopefully this roll-back system is a wiki style history view, allowing you to see all the past versions of the page, and exactly what each edit changed. I don't see why there should be anything less than a full history.

As for a discussion, each page does have its forum, can't that be used for discussion of the article?

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