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Cool, thanks. I'm not sure if it's considered cheap or not, but I've been using the heck out of the target option on the touch screen while fighting the bigger monsters, too. That seems to help with not having a second stick (that plus dumping a couple hundred hours into PSO over the years).

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I read that the Frankenstick was out for the XL on a limited basis. Anyone have any experience with it? Also, any control setup advice for someone with relatively large hands using the XL (w/out CPP, for now)?


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Awesome. My only criticism of their podcast is that I wish they did it more often :)

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I was hanging in there with the keyboard controls as long as I could, but the intricate boosts (while shooting) in The Sacred Grounds bonus level was destroying me. I picked an el-cheapo Steelseries USB controller over the weekend and finally beat Ballos tonight. Not sure if I want to tackle Hard difficulty or not... Regardless, I can't believe I've put in 30+ hours on a Humble Bundle throw-in.

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@cwilly: Update: Trying to finish Hell with keyboard controls has left me a beaten and broken man...

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I picked up the gem as part of the Humble Indie Bundle pt. 4. I've put in about 20 hours in and marked off most of the achievements, but I've been playing with keyboard controls this whole time (as I don't have a controller for my Mac). Anybody out there recommend a nice traditional controller to get me off this path to finger arthritis that I'm on? Thanks!

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Stupidest Magic Question Ever

I have a lvl 25 pyromancer and I can't get any sorceries to work. I've attuned the spells, have the minimum INT requirement, and have the sorcery catalyst equipped. Why the Hell can't I cast Soul Arrow or Magic Weapon?? Thanks for the help

Loving the game, besides that. Can't wait to get those soul arrows functioning to resume my cheapshottery of the Gaping Dragon.

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I don't know a single person that owned a Neo Geo back in the day, but you gotta have some respect for the recockulously huge sprites that thing used to push.

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Just picked up Solatorobo. I have heard from other sources that the story/plot gets a little "whacky" further on, but I'm still looking forward to busting it out this weekend on the plane.

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My girlfriend was watching the end credits with me because I told her that most good games these days save something cool for people that put up with the whole roll. I don't think she appreciated the humor of Johnson's rap, but I thought it was great.

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