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Sup Duders!

With the recent increase in Alliance member caps, 'MagicalTrevor' now has plenty of space for any casual Giant Bomb puzzlequesters. We're only three or four daily players, but I started an alliance to play with my brother, as VinnCo was full at the time :-)

Any Duders that wanna join in can drop a message on here and ill make sure your not kicked out for not playing. My puzzle quest ID is 'TimmyBilly' the alliance name is "MagicalTrevor". It's open with no password, come earn some bonuses with us! :-)

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Looks like the Vinn Co alliance is full at 17 members, room for one more? I can't remember where I'd have set my game name, as I don't think Puzzle Quest uses your Game Center Id.

Edit: My brother informs me that my Puzzle Quest id is "Timmybilly".

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Can we use this as the header image for Paint It Back please?


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Please rename the company Caual Labs to "Casual Labs", as this idiot left the S out of Casual when adding the company to the wiki last night!


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Having a search around, it doesn't look like they ever did a uk release for this game...

I'm gonna assume the lack of hits on eBay indicates that the US release isn't gonna work on a region 2 Wii?

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Saving my lists after re-ordering them now works! (firefox)

Cheers top men!

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Sorry Ive spelt a dudes name wrong, Murray Lancashire doesn't have the 'a' in Murray.

Please rename to "Murry Lancashire". Thankyou.

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I wanna add a new Release to

of the UK PC version & the box art is different than any image on that page. I can grab something from a Google image search thats exactly right, but as the wiki is all about original content do I need to find a mate with a scanner?

A daft question from a newbie im sure, but the Wiki Faq seems oddly empty at the time of writing... :-)

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@blacklagoon: I think that answers the PM I sent Marino earlier... Im guessing my bugged submission is why the credits have been wiped on the Friut Ninja page. Is it worth starting to plug them all back in yet? or are things still a bit shaky your end? Seems to have been pretty stable this morning (UK time) through the 8 or so edits I made.

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That'll be why I cant find the edit button on my iphone then ;-) Cheers for info.

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