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Go get Driveclub while it's on sale. Considering how poor the reviews were, I think it's a great game with loads of content, especially with all the free DLC content they have put out due to the messy launch.

I've not gone near the online stuff, but the single player racing is great fun.

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Sports games. I have no interest in sports, and wouldn't want to play a sports game.

Fighting games. Never got into them. Pressing combos of buttons seems too far removed from what is going on in the game.

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I'll miss your voice on Giant Bomb and am sorry to see you go. Good luck with whatever you do next, and if it's game related, I'll be watching/listening to you.

Cheers from the UK

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Victorian London is the one setting I was hoping for. I'm in.

Now I want a London-based GTA.

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I'd go for Wolfenstein, too. It's refreshing to see a fully developed single-player story that has not been diluted by the need to put multiplayer in everything.

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I use the Vita in the same room as the PS4 when the TV is otherwise engaged.

It works really well, even for fiddly games like Black Flag.

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I used to start on hard and drop down when I hit a wall. Now, with less time to play games, I start on medium and still normally end up dropping down to easy.

I play games for fun, I don't need to be challenged. I have work and kids for that.

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Sounds like a bad console. I've not had a crash yet on my launch day PS4, and I have clocked up 32 hours on Black Flag without a hitch.

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Worked for me

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Rayleigh, Essex, England