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Victorian London is the one setting I was hoping for. I'm in.

Now I want a London-based GTA.

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I'd go for Wolfenstein, too. It's refreshing to see a fully developed single-player story that has not been diluted by the need to put multiplayer in everything.

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I use the Vita in the same room as the PS4 when the TV is otherwise engaged.

It works really well, even for fiddly games like Black Flag.

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I used to start on hard and drop down when I hit a wall. Now, with less time to play games, I start on medium and still normally end up dropping down to easy.

I play games for fun, I don't need to be challenged. I have work and kids for that.

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Sounds like a bad console. I've not had a crash yet on my launch day PS4, and I have clocked up 32 hours on Black Flag without a hitch.

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Worked for me

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Rayleigh, Essex, England

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The Mother's Day promo got me locked in until 2016.

What I want most is more Jar time and Patrick's equivalent.

More off-the wall crazy stuff would be good. For example, the blind taste test of fast food burgers, which came up in a podcast a while ago seemed like a gift of an idea, but hasn't happened.

I like the indie coverage, but would like the AAA releases to get a bit more time, too.

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You don't have to self-build.

There is a lot of snobbishness attached to PC gaming, and building your own is seen as rite of passage.

I have built three PCs in the past, and they all turned out great.

I am, however, currently gaming in an iMac running Bootcamp. I'm sure an up-to-date self-build would perform better, but my Mac does pretty well.

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Couldn't resist topping up my subs. It feels good to be subscribed right up until 2016.