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I use the Vita in the same room as the PS4 when the TV is otherwise engaged.

It works really well, even for fiddly games like Black Flag.

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I used to start on hard and drop down when I hit a wall. Now, with less time to play games, I start on medium and still normally end up dropping down to easy.

I play games for fun, I don't need to be challenged. I have work and kids for that.

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Sounds like a bad console. I've not had a crash yet on my launch day PS4, and I have clocked up 32 hours on Black Flag without a hitch.

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Worked for me

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Rayleigh, Essex, England

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The Mother's Day promo got me locked in until 2016.

What I want most is more Jar time and Patrick's equivalent.

More off-the wall crazy stuff would be good. For example, the blind taste test of fast food burgers, which came up in a podcast a while ago seemed like a gift of an idea, but hasn't happened.

I like the indie coverage, but would like the AAA releases to get a bit more time, too.

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You don't have to self-build.

There is a lot of snobbishness attached to PC gaming, and building your own is seen as rite of passage.

I have built three PCs in the past, and they all turned out great.

I am, however, currently gaming in an iMac running Bootcamp. I'm sure an up-to-date self-build would perform better, but my Mac does pretty well.

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Couldn't resist topping up my subs. It feels good to be subscribed right up until 2016.

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I only get about 4 hours, 2 on a bad night. I have suffered like this for decades now. I feel shattered during the day, and wired at night.

Having a wife with sleep apnea, a five-year-old and two two-year-olds to listen out for all night does not help!

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I'm in England and drive a manual. I have only driven an automatic on holiday in America, and it felt like I was driving a go-kart.

I'm sure it is a matter of what you are used to, but for me shifting gears and using the clutch make me feel in control of the car and connected to the road.

It isn't a hassle once you are used to it, your brain just gets on with it.