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So we can agree That the Bot Colony stream was hilarious because of the wanky voice recognition and terrible AI of that game. But then theres things like War Room, a game in alpha:

Where you actually use voice to give specific limited orders, and making you feel like a badass squad commander. Its things like this where voice commands can really be interesting. What do you guys think? Me Im waiting for a voice controlled FTL/single player Spaceteam captain simulator. As long as the recognitions good and the instructions you give are limited, It could work.

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Pokemon Blue : 147 caught, 67 hours of playtime GONE

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Metal Gear Solid?

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Dont worry guys I'm sure TV Guide's Robyn Ross (@RobynRossTVG) will join Giant BEAST soon after she discovers the magic of Castlevania with Vinny.

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@sergio said:

@cyberfunk said:

I do agree though that since they are such a small crew they cant really experiment with diverse new hires ala kotaku/polygon.

Polygon isn't that diverse. The majority are still white men. Dan was hired as a senior editor at Giant Bomb. How many senior editors at Polygon aren't white men? Zero. Kotaku at least has one woman on their editorial staff. Even then, Jason Schreier tends to keep me away from that site.

For Polygon you got: Danielle Riendeau, Jenna Pitcher, Tracey Lien, and Emily Gera to name a few

For Kotaku: Tina Amini, Patricia Hernandez, and Leigh Alexander.

Though, as I said before: a bigger staff makes it easier to employ women.

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What I fear most about these new hires is not that they're caucasian males (although its related) , Is that they seem (although admittedly this is just a first impression) too much like the rest of the crew. Dan is a wrestling fan and Jason seems really into street fighter. Sounds familliar? I just hope that they can bring something else to the table that Jeff and the others do not. A woman for example, could've at least brought a female perspective on some issues in gaming. I just hope these new guys dont just end up being "yes men" and agreeing with everything, because some of the best moments in the bombcast are the deep discussions and disagreements on some games like the Jeff/Brad FPS discussion and the GOTY fights. I guess time will tell. I do agree though that since they are such a small crew they cant really experiment with diverse new hires ala kotaku/polygon.

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