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Add mine and my gf please, her FC is 4554-0080-1466

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My FC is 2552-1820-1727 and I have Y, my gf FC is 4554=0080-1466

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my friend code is 2552-1820-1727, looking for ghosts

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A place to post if you want to meet up with friends and game.

[Majority of incomprehensibly long and jumbled post deleted by mod. Please don't advertise on Giant Bomb, thanks! -PsEG]

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Nicalis is proposing four different art styles for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the console remake of Team Meat's bizarre PC game. Fans can vote on the four mock-up 16-bit art styles seen in the gallery below to determine which direction Nicalis will take the remake in.

According to The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen's Tumblr blog, the game is getting a face lift "because I think the art is tired and I'm sick of looking at it." The surveyalso asks for input on which platforms the game should appear on, with 3DS and Wii U listed as options.

Nicalis will begin development on the project in January and hopes to launch PS3, Vita and PC (Steam) versions of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth by the end of 2013, with Xbox 360, iOS and Nintendo console ports a possibility.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Mock-up art

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, pixel debate!

If you read this far your probably a true Isaac find so I'd like some help, if you please.

I was making this playlist and I thought I'd see if anyone in the Giantbomb commuinty is still into or discoverying this game.

If so I'd like their opions on these videos.

If they like them or if they suck, so I should know if I should take a break from them until the remake comes out.

My Top 10 The Binding of Isaac videos

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So I did a Cemetery on testing a while back and really liked it.

What does everyone else think now that it's in the normal game.

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So I noticed there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk here at Giant Bomb about Cursed Ammies.

Has anyone quit playing cause of that.

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What do you guys think about Ninjas?

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How to link Kongregate to your Realm account and have some fun on a new class

Okay, First you go to

Second, Create an account on kongregate and play ROTMG,

On the mane menu, Click where it says accounts. There should be a button that says switch to a pre existing acount or something like that. Then sign into your account.

Thirdly, Create a new character that is a ninja. (while still on kongregate)

Then spawn, enter a realm, quit, then open your account on your client.

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