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I work as a self proclaimed "Innovation Technician" for Roadhouse Game Studios.

Roadhouse acquired The Embassy Interactive in 2012, we created iPhone and Facebook games including Tangram Puzzle Pro and UFC Fight Nation.

The Embassy Interactive was the sister company to The Embassy VFX, you may not know them by name, but you have seen their work, back in 2004 they did that Transforming, Break Dancing, Citroen ad that made its way around the series-of-tubes. They did some of the visual effects for Iron Man, specifically the first suit, which in my biased opinion was more believable than the work that ILM did on the other two suits. They were also nominated for an academy award for their work on Distict 9, they were responsible for the climatic battle at the end of the movie with the badass mech suit along with a bunch of other bits and pieces throughout the movie.

Presently working on a project that bores me, looking forward to something more exciting on the horizon.