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Waiting for Forza Horizon 2 to drop in price. Will definitely wait for reviews on Forza Motorsport 6. I don't detest 5 but yeah it could have used a lot more work especially in it's UI. Really hope they get away from the Car Catalog direction they've been heading in.

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Alex you mentioned to me after the PAX Prime Giant Bomb panel that you were going to do this, good to see it happen. Big Rigs odd relationship with collision detection makes it quite fun to watch.

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I expected this to be posted on Giant Bomb's front page since its probably the first big piece of industry news for 2015 but with Patrick gone I guess we are back to less news and very quiet mondays.

So this jist is that Sony will be offering a subscription option for Playstation Now on January 13th. One month costs $20 but you can save $5 a month by paying for three months at a time ($45). It does not look like individual game rentals will be disappearing yet.

I haven't been following the availability of games on PS Now that closely but it seems like the games at launch are very similar to the games that are available right now on the rental service. Doesn't seem like they are trying to license a bunch of new games for this launch.

Pricing seems appropriate. Obviously more expensive than a Netflix subscription and a bit more expensive than your average MMO subscription. This service cannot be cheap to run so this pricing is in a theoretically acceptable range.

This seems like a service that is an okay deal if you did not own a PS3 and want to play some of that stuff, even though the library could use a lot more fleshing out. If you've had a PS3 and a PS Plus scription for a while you probably already have access to a lot of these games. If you no longer have your PS3 then the library of games available is probably a bit too spotty at the moment and its missing the newer last-gen only stuff like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or Persona 4 Arena Ultimax that could make a service like this interesting.

Good start but could use a lot more fleshing out. Will be interesting when they branch out past the PS3.

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This makes sense. I was hoping he was going off to do something crazy with Max Temkin but he's just going to continue to work out of the CAH office space, their new office move just happened to line up to his new career move.

I believe all the Kotaku editors work remotely which fits into Patrick's desire to stay in Chicago. Patrick wants to be a games journalist but Giant Bomb was forcing him to split his attention between that and content creation. His Kotaku introduction makes it seem like he will be focusing on breaking news with a little bit of video content on the side.

Kotaku has had mixed results with editorial content and they are a clicks focused site, which is pretty much the opposite of Giant Bomb. Kinda feels like Kotaku is the type of site that Patrick was trying to get away from when he join Giant Bomb but four years can give a person new perspective.

Part of me kinda hopes he is taking his extensive experience at ending websites to take out Kotaku from the inside-out and rejoin Giant Bomb in a year but that is ridiculous right...? I wish him the best of luck and I look forward to seeing content from him soon.

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Thanks for evangelizing The Fall on the Game of the Year podcasts. I played through it a few days ago and it was awesome even though I already knew the ending.

I saw it on steam when it came out, thought it looked a bit too much like The Swapper and wrote it off. Which is weird because I loved The Swapper. Also kind of love how its an adventure game that controls like Shadow Complex.

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This is a great way to end the year, thanks.

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This tweet makes more sense now. Giant Bomb office #3 did not. So have fun with Max Temkin.

You have brought a lot of diversity to the content of the site. I appreciated that you brought real journalism to the site and I always enjoyed reading your articles. I thought it was great that you've been spending the last year diversifying your tastes when a lot of the rest of the staff is a bit entrenched in the genres of choice.

I'm thankful for the chance to apologize to you in person at PAX Prime this year for something dumb I said on Twitter three years ago, even if my apology was awkwardly cyclical, brain no work good Patrick.

Good luck, I will definitely be following your future exploits.

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Jurassic Park: The Game, god they really screwed that one up. Oh you mean theoretically awful Telltale games. Telltale has been on a roll ever since the solid but dull Back to the Future series and the aforementioned broken wreck. They've got their formula and they've found their groove so I'm up for anything they want to try. But they should probably stay away from:

  • Tales of 4chan: Gamergate Edition
  • Clippy: A Telltale Game Series (It looks like your trying to make a moral choice)
  • Tales from the Green Hill Zone (If Bioware can't figure out how to tell a story with Sonic no one should be touching that)
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Wish I had finished Bayonetta 2 before going on my WiiU-less vacation. Ah well.

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@patrickklepek I recently had to pull nudity from an iOS game and in our case the nudity was even masked by a mosaic filter effect. So Apple is really strict when it comes to depictions of nudity. We ended up going with underwear instead.