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Konami just needs to ship Metal Gear Solid V, cancel Pro Evolution Soccer so that they can finally focus on their real love of slot machines and health clubs.

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Blizzard tried to do this for Starcraft II and then abandoned the paid-aspect of the idea and just made a mod distribution platform.

I can see it now Clean Faces LLC.

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I look forward to FMV booing.

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Jeff mentioned this on this week's Bombcast which is good because I had convinced myself that I saw this on iTunes, couldn't find it again and thought I may have dreamed it's existence. Kinda tempted to grab this since it's definitely the most cost effective way to see the series.

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Brad has been calling this for a while. So I guess Star Fox is now the big WiiU game for the Fall. This also more than likely means we are only getting one Zelda game this generation unless they pull another Majora's Mask and do a quick follow up that shares the same engine and assets.

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Considering Kojima has been talking about retiring from the Metal Gear franchise since MGS1 it is kind of amazing that getting presumably fired was the thing that finally sealed the deal. You could see Kojima's hand in PT, all its weird little quirky details and mechanics, so it will be interesting to see how the development of Silent Hills plays out. Guillermo Del Toro already lost his THQ game so it would suck to see him lose another one if things go south after this without Kojima fighting for the creative vision.

It would be cool to see Kojima try something new and hopefully get the budget for something impressive. I guess the prospects of a new Snatcher, Policenauts or Zone of the Enders is probably dead.

MGSV better end with Solid Snake being sent to Outer Heaven, no rock left unturned, wrap it up.

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Apparently the recent Quantum Break delay rumor was completely fake so I think there is a decent chance of that shipping this year. Remedy takes a while to make their games but it feels like that game has been in the spotlight for enough years and they've released enough gameplay footage at this point that my Remedy senses are tingling.

I keep forgetting about Until Dawn, its basically the David Cage game to fill the gap while David Cage makes his game. I'm not feeling too bad about Microsoft's lineup, I like shooters and Action-adventure games but yeah Sony's lineup is just tumbleweeds. Its not that unusual at this point of the year to not really know what is going to happen in the fall but it feels like Uncharted 4 was Sony's big gun regardless of whatever else they have planned. Usually the first fall after a system ships is when you see what its made of and what is going to define the generation. It feels like those generation defining games are constantly on the horizon right now. At least Shadows of Mordor nailed one piece of this generation's puzzle.

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I thought The Sims franchise was still handled by the spin off studio The Sims Studio but apparently they reintegrated back into Maxis before The Sims 4. I guess 4 must not have done very well because even with the blow-back from SimCity I would have figured The Sims money would have kept them going for a while. Maybe the mobile market has decayed their demographic. The first expansion is apparently due out next month and they tend to put out Sims expansions every 6 months. I wonder how this will affect that kind of schedule.

The studio doesn't seem like it has been the same since Will Wright left but man. Nearly a three decade run and owned by EA for two of those decades, which is a better record than any other EA acquisition. I thought the user interface for the last SimCity was incredibly well done, if it wasn't for the online and city size issues it could have been amazing.

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This basically sounds like how Quantum Break was pitched but with an actual episodic release schedule. You can't kill FMV I guess.

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I'm waiting for the reviews to hit on thursday morning. I don't really care about game length. Ready at Dawn's God of War games on PSP were both less than 5 hours and they were both a blast to play.