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I'm approaching a Patrick style. Actually, I'm like a mini Patrick in a lot of ways.

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Wheelman. With Vin Diesel.

Wait a second...


They need a sequel to that game with Ryan Gosling and a TON of the Chromatics. I would pay... a lot of money for that.

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I loved Anor Londo in Dark Souls on a purely aesthetically pleasing level. Its towering grandeur, bathed in twilight, took my breath away. I actually got through most of it in one go (with some help) but I could see how it could be hellish for anybody with no such luck. I would say it's my favorite church level.

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@Hippie_Genocide said:

I'd like to see a sequel to Mirror's Edge. It was sort of criminal that the game didn't sell better. Ideally, they would drop the gunplay altogether and just focus on the acrobatic movement. If EA is not willing to do a sequel, I wish they'd sell off the IP to someone that wants to take a chance on it.

CAN YOU IMAGINE A FROSTBITE 2 VERSION OF THAT CITY? It would be incredible. I feel like they still have lots of story material left in that world. Dive into the dystopian, EA!

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I'm an atheist, and I think what fuels that decision is my fear of any sort of Hell or Limbo. I can accept losing all knowledge of my existence, hell, I can even find joy in that. I can't even think about some vengeful god sending me to suffer for eternity, just because I didn't believe in Him or His values. I'm gay, too! I hate thinking about the fact that there might be a God who truly enforces the values of bigots here on Earth. Can we really think that any God that might exist is anything more than human, with all of humanity's fallacies like hate, fear, and prejudice?

But, on a more secular note, I get the willies swimming in deep water.

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I've always wanted to make a movie about a depressed high school newspaper writer taking on a story about a recent suicide at his school, leading to him getting very emotionally attached, fighting to right the wrongs that led to her death. Being suicidal in the past, the idea has always held some weight in my heart. I might actually write it, sometime or another.

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No, but if I did, it would be the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack during RDR or the Drive soundtrack during GTA. Rockstar games seem to evoke a similar mood to movies, even though they have great soundtracks in and of themselves.

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I would love to help with writing! I could use the experience. I don't have much else to offer though.

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I'm pretty sure I'm depressed. It comes in waves, though. I mean, the apathy and loos of interest lingers, but I don't always want to go jump off a bridge. I recently read this article, and it gave me a lot of insight into how bipolar disorder affects one of my favorite artists. It made me feel... less alone.