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Made a White Lion a week ago R18/RR12


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Ah the joys of being order XD

Never really had to wait more than 5 minutes unless its some whacky time like 2am-9am

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Mythic has already banned 1097 gold sellers lol :P

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xruntime said:
"You think AoC and WAR suffer from the same problems?  Have you even played WAR or are you just coming on the board to make a cocky statement for kicks."
I don't play MMO games (I have a life :D ) . But it's an observation - and its not just Age of Conan, they hyped up LOTR and Guild Wars and Matrix as well, none of them caught on like Warcraft did and there aren't that many people who still play 'em."
WAR is made by the same people who made DaoC which was one of the best MMOs before WoW (DoaC from what I've heard was prolly the best pvp MMO tell this day and it was released sometime in 2001).
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You forgot to mention people/WoW vets are sick of WoW and Wotlk brings nothing worth while to even start up my account again.

Chosen > Death Knight
Siege battles,keep battles,rvr and scenarios > any pvp change in Wotlk
1-40 > 1-80
1-40 > 70-80

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#7 Posted by CyborgNinja (24 posts) -
Cerza said:
"Destruction, because the bad guys get to have all the fun :-)            "

Theres no real "good" side in Warhammer except maybe Dwarfs.

I got a WH to R16 but its been pretty boring the last 3 ranks (doesnt look like it will pick up tell 25 ish), so I made a dwarf engineer and I love it! even though I've hated Dwarfs in basically anything else that they've been in but in Warhammer they're just to cool.
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atheistium said:
"I've tried Warham online and it's rubbish the interface and experience is just like WOW and I found wow really boring :/ so if you want a WOW clone try warhammer online."

Warhammer (franchise) came out in 1980, Warcraft 1 came out in 1994....whos copying who?.

Everything that WoW has (mods ect ect) WAR vastly improves including the UI which ***** slaps WoWs UI.
#9 Posted by CyborgNinja (24 posts) -

I have to say WAR is prolly the best MMO since 2004 and prolly has more pros than WoW.

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I loved Warhammers art/character style from what I played in OB, Blizzard needs to give off their ass and not make WoW look cartoony anymore (which warcraft never looked cartoony...except maybe the pandas).

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