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#1 Posted by CycloneDE (46 posts) -

@aots16: @demoskinos:

Thanks guys! I might have to check out that podcast, although I'm sure I'll get to hear from the guy soon enough anyway.

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So I'm very much aware of the work of Dan Ryckert, but what about this other fellow? Is he a video producer? You know, since GB has been looking for one. Can someone fill me in / point me to something?

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This is just terrible.I will miss this internet person like a friend.

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I would like an invite as well, please!

Karmino The Red@cyclonede2

I think this is right...

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Apart from the stuff that was already mentioned I would also recommend "I saw the Devil". Another korean movie that has quite a similiar vibe to Oldboy. I love both of those movies.

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@tandar1 said:

I also have a problem with the "Resume" feature, it just refuses to work. Can you only use it on certain video qualities?

Same here. I don't think the resolution matters though.

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Hey duders I just noticed Max Payne 3 is only 5€ on the dutch XBL marketplace. Don't really have any way to confirm where that is the case as well, so check your dashboard. Major Nelson announced here it would be 15$

This is the best deal of the on-going Games on Demand sale by far so I thought I would let everyone here know, so they can grab it while they can, which should be possible for the next few hours. Get it!

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Okay, so I'm trying to figure out if it would be a good idea for me to get this game. I've enjoyed the Naruto manga in the past and have read it up to recently mostly out of some strange sense of obligation. I also enjoyed the recently released demo of ultimate ninja storm 3 or at least the boss fight at the end. Didn't really like Asura's Wrath though, which was developed by the same team.

What mostly attracts me to this is the huge roster and the idea of discovering cool and interesting moves I recognize for all those characters. The fact that these games have huge rosters is also almost the only thing I know about them.

I also somehow got the idea that these games have always gotten decent reviews although none of the sites I frequent ever actually cover them. Is this true? Are these actually decent fighting games? How are they even structured? Oh God give me some answers!

P.S. First thread of mine!

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@abendlaender: @funkydupe: I'm from Germany too and I would actually agree more with Funkydupe than with Abendlaender ( or well Abendländer I suppose?). Most of my german friends prefer everything to be in their language or don't even think about it, probably because they are used to everything being translated anyway. There are some exceptions though. I personally agree though that german dubbing is almost universally horrible. I currently live in the Netherlands and find it very refreshing to watch everything in its original form with subtitles, the way I prefer it.

When it comes to the internet my reasoning always was that the english speaking part is probably the biggest, so that's also probably where you will find the best content. You know, like Giant Bomb!

Anyway, on Steam and XBL I am also: CycloneDE

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Well I think the use of swastikas in games specifically is "banned" in Germany, right? I remember that being a thing that had to be altered for the german version of The Darkness of all things. So that's probably why. But yeah it's really not surprising.

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