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I mostly like the schedule you proposed, I just don't think its very realistic. I don't think they've ever put out as much non-Quicklook video content as you suggest here. I guess that would require too much work. I don't really know what goes into all they do though, so I can't really comment on that intelligently.

The GBEast side looks pretty good though! I would also love some sort of Austin centric content, since he seems to have a taste that's pretty different from the other guys and that tends to align a lot with mine. Just let him play something he really likes like Crusader Kings, but in a longer, episodic format. I think Vinny and Alex are also people that are fun to have around for something like that, so I think it would work.

Also, yeaaaah I'm fine with them just watching the cutscenes for the rest of MGSV or something. I loved MG Scanlson I-IV, but stopped watching V a few episodes in. The game just doesn't seem to lend itself to that format.

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@wrinklydinosaur: Thanks for the response man!

The clubs on campus are definitely a good tip! I'm just not sure if I'm gonna be able to join, since I arrive kind of in the middle of the semester - but I'll definitely look into it. In fact I just looked at the website and boy, oh boy that is pretty overwhelming... there's even a freaking DOTA society - which I will NOT be joining. I will definitely look into the film club and stuff like that,though! Based just on that student life sure seems to be kind of different from Germany - because stuff like that is just not really a thing here.

I actually miraculously already found a place to live in kind of a dorm from here, so I don't have to worry about that. That place is in Maroubra, so I'll definitely go to the beach there quite often!

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Hey, everyone!

I'm moving from Germany to Sydney tomorrow to live there for five months while doing a research project at UNSW. I just thought I might ask you folks here at Giant Bomb (well, mostly the Aussies I guess) if you have some tips about living there. I guess I'm mostly looking for things to do, like which bars to check out, the must-see sights and stuff like that, but also tips about how to live there cheaply, since it seems VERY expensive. Also it would be nice to know if there's SOME way of not being poisoned by a tiny animal.

I'm a 24 year old male student in case that's relevant.


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I would love a key as well, please!

Probably wouldn't buy it before the year is over otherwise, since the Witcher is already looming on the horizon!

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@aots16: @demoskinos:

Thanks guys! I might have to check out that podcast, although I'm sure I'll get to hear from the guy soon enough anyway.

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So I'm very much aware of the work of Dan Ryckert, but what about this other fellow? Is he a video producer? You know, since GB has been looking for one. Can someone fill me in / point me to something?

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This is just terrible.I will miss this internet person like a friend.

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I would like an invite as well, please!

Karmino The Red@cyclonede2

I think this is right...

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Apart from the stuff that was already mentioned I would also recommend "I saw the Devil". Another korean movie that has quite a similiar vibe to Oldboy. I love both of those movies.

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@tandar1 said:

I also have a problem with the "Resume" feature, it just refuses to work. Can you only use it on certain video qualities?

Same here. I don't think the resolution matters though.

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